automotion 2016/03

Focus: Commercial vehicle engineering
Whether trucks, delivery vans, agricultural machinery, mobile work machines or vessels: developers, manufacturers and purchasers are all focusing on boosting efficiency. Let us introduce you to pioneering technologies and new approaches.

ORC is the answer to recovering waste heat efficiently and economically
Alarge part of the energy in fuel is still being lost unused in exhaust gas as it leaves the exhaust pipe. This makes recuperating waste heat a core (…) More
IAV advance engineering process finds optimum system solution for every application
At the moment, the European market for heavy-duty trucks still tends to be dominated by automated manual transmissions (AMT). However, in many cases an alternative (...) More
Reduced operating costs make the use of VVT an attractive option
Car manufacturers have been using variable valve trains for years. But the proven technology also offers many advantages for trucks, mobile work machines and marine (...) More
In cooperation with partners, IAV is testing two fully electrified semitrailer trucks in Saxony
No logistics without trucks. But are there any trucks without emissions? This is precisely what IAV is working on with partners in the funded eJIT project. (...) More
Cooperating with IAV, Consulting4Drive has evaluated the ORC technology and conducted a client and market analysis
Recuperating waste heat with ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a pioneering, fuel-cutting answer for long-haul heavy trucks. On behalf of a component (…) More
The VSI platform by IAV is used to develop apps that guarantee IT security and functional safety
Consumer devices such as tablet PCs with their large displays and widely used GUIs should be the perfect interface for controlling vehicle functions – if only the problems (...) More
2018 will bring stricter requirements for calibration
While the whole subject of PEMS is still relatively new for passenger car application engineers, since the introduction of Euro VI in 2013 heavy commercial vehicles (...) More
The results of an EU project show: improved NOx reduction means 15 percent less CO2
Between January 2012 and the end of 2015, 16 partners participated in the EU CO2RE research project, working on new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions (...) More
The wish for lower CO2emissions increases the demands on cooling and thermal management
New components for recovering thermal energy and alternative powertrains are reducing fuel consumption – but they are also increasing the (…) More
In future, many delivery vans will be plug-in hybrid vehicles
More and more cities are getting serious about implementing stricter environmental regulations for vehicles. Vehicles used for transporting passengers and delivery vans (...) More


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