automotion 2017/02

Digital Mobility
Minimum emissions and maximum efficiency – these are the demands powertrain developers are facing now and in the years to come. We assist our customers with technological solutions for conventional and electric systems in developing their intelligent powertrains.

What will the world of engine development look like tomorrow? Answers will be provided at the Berlin Powertrain Symposium at the end of November
What will the vehicle drive system of the future look like? There is no straightforward, universal answer. For the developers, it is a case of (...) More
The Advisory Board members of the Berlin Powertrain Symposiums on approaches in powertrain development
On November 30 and December 1, 2017, representatives from OEMs, suppliers and politics will be meeting at IAV’s Berlin (...) More
Close-coupled exhaust gas aftertreatment cuts emissions – several variants are possible
The diesel engine needs to be even cleaner in future and reliably meet the stringent EU6 limit values in all situations (...) More
IAV transmission is optimizing the efficiency of high-power, high-torque hybrid vehicles
The transmission has a major influence on how quickly the tank empties and on how much CO2 a car emits per kilometer (...) More
IAV’s modular electric drive concept can be adapted to various vehicle platforms
IAV presented the optimized version of its modular electric drive concept at the Vienna Engine Symposium. Combining e-motor (...) More
The new climate roller dynamometer for high-altitude testing permits virtual drives up to an altitude of 5,300 meters – also important for RDE tests
IAV’s new climate roller dynamometer for high-altitude testing has been in service since the beginning of the year. (...) More
IAV is working hard on RDE – from concept and calibration right through to validation
Radical change in emission legislation: the rather steady-state NEDC is now being followed by the dynamic WLTC (...) More
The increasing complexity in engine and emission-related tasks can be overcome in a simulation environment from IAV
Calibrators don’t have it easy: they need to cope with ever tighter emission ceilings and a growing number of vehicle (...) More
IAV provides the platform for efficient RDE vehicle calibration with an integrated methodology
The end of 2017 is about to see the introduction of new RDE regulations for passenger cars that also prescribe (...) More
Synthetic fuels from green electricity make gasoline and diesel engines almost climate-neutral
Studies on the entire life cycle of vehicles show that with today’s electricity mix and in view of the energy used (..) More


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