automotion 2017/02

Digital Mobility
Minimum emissions and maximum efficiency – these are the demands powertrain developers are facing now and in the years to come. We assist our customers with technological solutions for conventional and electric systems in developing their intelligent powertrains.

IAV study reveals potential and specific examples for optimizing vehicle fleets
The “2025” fleet is currently a big issue at all OEMs. How will it be possible to reach the CO2 fleet limits by then? (...) More
Huge challenge to designers and calibration engineers – immense time pressure on the development side
From September 2017, new vehicles will be required to meet the EU6c emission standard; one year later (...) More
Patented IAV method for real-world engine operation reaches an accuracy of one to two micrometers
Measures, such as downsizing, highpressure supercharging and weight reduction, constantly increase the stress (...) More
Optimized methodology with interlinked tools produces tailor-made results
The market for turbochargers is growing on a massive scale: The increasing diversity of vehicle models makes it (...) More
Customized IAV product solutions at this year’s Testing Expo
Developers are under great pressure. Shorter product cycles, more derivatives and digitization, or the growing data (...) More
The product IAV EasyDoE provides many new features, including templates and data plausibility checks
IAV EasyDoE has proven its value for many years – soon in a new release under the name of IAV Kasai – as a tool for model-based (...) More
High levels of efficiency, low production costs: many customers set store by prototypes from IAV
In the next few years, utilizing waste heat from exhaust gas will make a noticeable contribution to improving (...) More
Less frequent moving between office and test bench: “Online DoE” saves time and money – while delivering very good results
It hardly gets more convenient than this: with Online DoE, IAV makes it easier for calibration engineers (...) More
IAV operates a modern facility for testing diesel particulate filters – the basis for model-assisted regeneration strategies
Meeting future emission limits will demand effective optimization of exhaust gas aftertreatment. (...) More
Service and new software from the cloud: vehicle diagnostics will become part of mobile lifestyle
Breakdowns and problems will be made less daunting: this is what IAV’s “Remote Diagnostics” function promises to do. (...) More


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