automotion 2017/03

Main thing: safe and secure
Cars are becoming autonomous, going online, are connected. Matters of safety
and security abound in the car and must, in part, be rethought.

Dedicated rollover section – also designed for electric vehicles
IAV’s new crash test facility in Großmehring near Ingolstadt has been in operation since August. Besides head-on collisions, it can be used for (...) More
IAV is extending its activities in the field of vehicle safety and repositioning itself
Eine neue Crashanlage sowie die Zusammenlegung von Crashversuch und Engineering: Die Fahrzeugsicherheit hat künftig einen noch höheren Stellenwert bei IAV. (...) More
IAV is shaping tomorrow’s lightweight construction in the Open Hybrid LabFactory
Lightweight design can significantly reduce fuel consumption – however, there must be a reasonable balance between cost and benefit. (...) More
TRE’s experts make mobility safe and convenient with driving stability and homologation tests to ECE R13 H
Consumers want their vehicles to be safe and convenient. Yet it takes all manner of expertise and experience to satisfy these two demands in (...) More
Modern headlamp systems reduce irritating reflections – IAV uses its own tool chain
Vehicles blind each other, particularly at night on wet roads. New, highresolution headlamp systems permit precision light control and can drastically (...) More
Cars are going online – is the automotive industry prepared for the associated security risks? A talk with experts from Giesecke+Devrient, Consulting4Drive and IAV
The “connected car” is opening up all sorts of business opportunities – such as retrofit functions, databased services (...) More
Security and privacy: IAV advises its customers on designing and implementing protective measures
How do you prevent access to the technical systems in the vehicle and to the user’s personal information? This is a subject (...) More
In the age of “shared mobility”, interior design & HMI are taking on new significance
Discussion about the vehicle of the future very often focuses on the drive system and degree of automation. At the same time, a further aspect (...) More
New IAV concept optimizes comfort – easy, personalized and situation-related
For the one individual, it is too hot. For the other it is just right. And when a breath of fresh air is very welcome for one person, another complains about a draft (...) More
Tomorrow’s interior lighting is customized, context-based and smart
The interior lighting in vehicles has a major impact on our mood and sense of well-being. Especially in a world of autonomous driving, it will be important to provide vehicle (...) More


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