automotion 2017/03

Main thing: safe and secure
Cars are becoming autonomous, going online, are connected. Matters of safety
and security abound in the car and must, in part, be rethought.

Innovative approaches and changing perspectives: the first Berlin Powertrain Symposium is setting new benchmark – November 30 and December 1 in Berlin
November 30 marks the start of IAV’s first Berlin Powertrain Symposium. The two-day event will be focusing on tomorrow’s fundamental issues (...) More
Ten years of experience and a unique tool landscape: IAV optimizes thermal management in electric vehicles
The traveling range of electric vehicles must increase significantly for this drive system to take off in future. Controlling the temperature of traction battery and (...) More
IAV’s new test rig for electric all-wheel drives in Stollberg
They are in the pipeline at many OEMs and will be entering the market over the next few years: the “Tesla fighters” – sporty, high-power, all-wheel drive e-vehicles. (...) More
NVH behavior of hybrid powertrains and lightweight components is particularly complex
Powertrain acoustics has a major influence on ride comfort. Besides combustion engine and transmission, electric drives and (...) More
New IAV methodology for rating electromechanical transmission actuation
High efficiency at low cost: these are the two most important demands on transmission actuation. A new IAV methodology provides information (...) More
IAV is developing a universal controller board for power inverters with full unbalanced-load capability
In the “Kazan” proprietary project, IAV is working on a variable-power, universal inverter with unbalanced-load capability (...) More
Timm Kellermann, Managing Director of Consulting4Drive, on the Shared Mobility Business Model
In essence, the automotive industry’s business model (still) concentrates on developing and producing vehicles to earn money from selling (...) More
eJIT research project: first two all-electric 40-ton trucks go public
From the outside, they look like regular trucks – but on the inside, they are brimming with the future: IAV is working with partners under the (...) More
The EU-funded "optiTruck" project aims to bring about clear reductions in CO2emissions: IAV is developing the optimization algorithms
The EU has an ambitious target: by 2050, transport-related CO2 emissions should fall by 60 percent compared to 1990. (...) More
As part of the OTS 1.0 research project, IAV is developing an autonomous people carrier to provide mobility in tomorrow’s metropolises
Cities and local authorities are facing major challenges: urban areas are becoming ever more densely populated and sprawling, rural populations are declining. (...) More


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