automotion 2018/01

Main thing: highly connected
New services will make the life of motorists easier and more pleasant: from biometric authentication, including personal default settings, to fully automatic parking or individualized feel-good atmosphere in the vehicle. In cooperation with our partners from the automotive and IT sectors, we are working on cloud-based solutions that will boost convenience and security for the consumer.

IAV at CES 2018 in Las Vegas – demonstration vehicles featuring all sorts of new functions
Biometric authentication, driving with the iPad, parking at the press of a button, tomorrow’s garage processes (...) More
IAV presented a cloud-based concept at CES for personalized coziness
Feel-good atmosphere the effortless way: instead of having to set the air- conditioning before every trip, vehicle occupants in (...) More
Drive2Shop at CES 2018
With Drive2Shop, IAV brought a splash of color to the CES Consumer Electronics Show. In Las Vegas, it presented the Drive2Shop (...) More
IAV uses VR and AR – the aim is to digitize and interconnect the development process
Digital methods are revolutionizing the automotive development process. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are particularly promising (...) More
The future belongs to virtual engineering – IAV champions dialog with users from other sectors
IAV has been a member of the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) since October 2017. (..) More
IAV’s Digital Lab is examining the use of artificial intelligence as a cross-divisional function
Applying the currently extremely popular concept of “artificial intelligence” (AI) to the automotive industry (...) More
Algorithms classify repair shop reports at IAV – quickly and with extreme precision
Feedback from repair shops provides important help in locating and rectifying problems in vehicles early on (...) More
New methods, needs and business models – IAV offers integration expertise and proprietary solutions
Mobility needs and the automobile market are rapidly changing. This is having a huge impact (...) More
Connectivity, autonomous driving and smartphone apps are advancing chassis and suspension development
Die Digitalisierung hat längst auch das Fahrwerk erreicht. Software ist ein wesentlicher Einflussnehmer (...) More
The focus of the first IAV Berlin Powertrain Symposium was on fundamental future issues
To make road traffic more climate-friendly, there is no single key technology (...) More


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