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    • Guyancourt (F)

    Your tasks

    The task as Engineer for Configuration Management will consist of two areas of activities:

    1/ Configuration management in vehicle projects for automobile and railroad manufacturers:

    • Participate in the deployment in a transverse way of the configuration management on several vehicle projects/platforms during the various development phases
    • Create, update and spread vehicle and systems baselines
    • Analyze and include customer expectations to structure a common frame of collaboration and answer at best in their need
    • Manage internal and customer database as well as participate in the optimization of the data management and the internal tools of configuration management
    • Lead the activities of Exchange Management (analysis of release notes, Request for Changes, impact analysis)
    • Support the management activities of physical and functional conformity with diverse levels of system integration (for example test benches, test tracks etc.)
    • Define, improve and spread internal processes, the tools of engineering system and of configuration management
    • Guarantee data accessibility: show users how to retrieve data and use tools, offer syntheses and extracts according to requests

    2/ Driving Operations:

    • Piloting and coordinating funds remaining in a project
    • Customer reporting: schedule and show progress of activities, prepare key performance indicators (KPIs) and consolidate priorities
    • Support in supervising the speakers on customer on-site projects
    • Synchronize and coordinate activities between the various sites in Germany and France, including the activities of updating pretest vehicles
    • Formalize internal processes and support in creating, deploying and improving project management tools
    • Support in client acquisition and in commercializing business
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    • Guyancourt (F)

    Your tasks

    IAV realizes trials on the site of one of its customers in Paris region. You will have the following tasks:


    • Prepare and configure the test tracks and the trial support in agreement with the trial requests of the customer: Implementation of the GMP in the bench test and IT configuration of the way
    • Realize the tests in agreement with standards and procedures (ratification, development, endurance and characterization)
    • Trial perusals and analyzing its results
    • Interim reports and final test report for customers
    • Detect anomalies and non-compliances at tests
    • Insure the first-level-maintenance of  test benches and follow-up of consumables
    • Propose improvements of the ways and the trial processes
    • Take daily measures
    • Respect and enforce the regulations of security and environment of the affected benches


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  • Technician - Supervisor JOB ID: IAV-FR -25023
    • Guyancourt (F)

    Your tasks

    The group IAV realizes tries on the site of one of his customers in Paris region. You will have for mission of :

    • Administration of project in respect with the customer specifications
    • Preparation of the driving tries
    • Management of the necessary technical support in the conditions of smooth running of engines and his ways of measures
    • Realization and data processing
    • Oral or written reporting
    • Management of the supply fuels, consumables and rooms with the suppliers: surveillance of stocks and passage of the orders
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