Compliance at IAV

In our Compliance Management System (CMS), we pooled a large number of measures to ensure that we comply with laws in force and our high ethical standards at all times and everywhere.

Our compliance approach is based on a dedicated analysis of compliance risks. This means that we first identify potential triggers for rule violations and then align our compliance system to address these in the best possible way.

Based on national and international standards, we run through the three levels of prevent, detect and respond:

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We have implemented various measures to prevent violation of the rules. Our Code of Conduct provides a framework for all employees worldwide to make decisions and act according to uniform legal and ethical standards. We also expect this from our business partners. Our expectations have been made concrete in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct is supplemented by our compliance policies. They incorporate legal requirements and ethical standards and are binding for all our employees.

Our Compliance Helpdesk provides advice to our employees and executives. We continuously promote compliance with regulations through training and communication. In this way, we keep a culture of compliance and integrity firmly embedded at IAV. We check the necessity and effectiveness of our preventive measures and control mechanisms as part of our regular compliance risk assessments. In doing so, we strive for continuous improvement.


Prevention should protect against liability. Breaches of rules and misconduct can entail considerable risks – for IAV but possibly also for our customers and business partners. With our SpeakUp system, we enable our employees and third parties to anonymously report a potential breach of rules or misconduct in numerous languages and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

IAV’s management framework and control mechanisms – whether risk management, internal control system or internal audit – support the compliance organization in the mitigation of compliance risks via the risk and control measures implemented there.


If we receive indications of rule violations, we check them professionally and independently and take the necessary measures immediately. Any weaknesses discovered in the compliance program are closed. An appropriate root cause analysis leads to insights that help us as a company to evaluate and derive the right measures. In this way, we strengthen our management framework and control mechanisms at IAV and gain further insights for risk analysis.

Compliance activities at IAV cover both corporate compliance issues and technical compliance topics. Activities focus on

  • the respect and upholding of human rights,
  • non-discrimination,
  • compliance with anti-corruption regulations and the avoidance of conflicts of interest,
  • compliance with industrial property rights,
  • the protection of corporate property,
  • compliance with competition and antitrust laws,
  • the protection of know-how,
  • the maintenance of product safety and quality assurance,
  • compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in research and development,
  • the commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Compliance is a top priority at IAV. The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) reports directly to our CEO. A team around a Compliance Officer (Corporate Compliance) and a Lead Coordinator tCompliance (Technical Compliance) support the CCO. Decentralized, worldwide contacts throughout the IAV Group ensure that advice is tailored to local needs.

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