IAV SpeakUp System

Compliance infringements can entail considerable risks – for IAV but possibly also for our customers and business partners. Being compliant with legal requirements and ethical standards is therefore a top priority for us.

Employees and third parties alike can therefore use the IAV SpeakUp system to report possible breaches of rules or possible misconduct to an independent body simply and confidentially. Any information reported is examined professionally and independently by IAV’s Compliance Department and any necessary action is taken.

Via the system, we mainly process information on major rule violations. Major rule violations are deemed to have occurred in particular if the reported facts are based on reasonable suspicion of one of the following acts:

  • financial, corruption and tax offenses,
  • environmental crimes,
  • human rights violations,
  • antitrust violations,
  • offenses of money laundering and terrorist financing,
  • violations of product safety regulations which may lead to a violation of legal interests,
  • violations of approval regulations,
  • violations of data protection law with the risk of high fines.

Each report will be treated confidentially. Both the persons giving the report and the persons affected by the report will be adequately protected.

To this end, IAV has implemented a corporate policy that prohibits imposing sanctions due to reports made in good faith. IAV protects reporting persons and persons close to them who submit a report in good faith against any form of reprisals that they experience or could experience as a result of submitting a report. IAV also protects other persons who help to clarify suspected cases against any form of reprisal. In both cases, the threat and attempt to inflict reprisals is included. On the other hand, the presumption of innocence applies to those affected by information.

Violations of the principle of protection of reporting persons are themselves regarded as breaches of the rules or misconduct and punishable with appropriate measures. If a whistleblower or other person believes that reprisals are or have been taken against them because they have submitted a report or assisted in the clarification of a matter, we expressly request that this be reported via IAV’s whistleblower system.

In the event that it should transpire that a whistleblower has deliberately submitted a false or misleading report or if a person deliberately provides false or misleading information, IAV reserves the right to take legal action. IAV’s corporate culture is based on collegial cooperation and mutual trust. These values must be preserved. Denunciation has no place at IAV.

If you have any concrete indications of a possible breach of rules or misconduct in connection with IAV, you may use the following contacts within IAV’s SpeakUp system. When using the system, you must always take into account the different legal requirements in the various countries. Anonymous notices are always possible, provided local legal requirements allow it.

Contact Compliance & Integrity
Carnotstraße 1
10587 Berlin

E-mail: compliance@iav.de
Telefon: +49 30 3997-88585

Languages: German, English

Electronic SpeakUp Portal

It is also particularly easy to submit reports via the electronic SpeakUp Portal. This Internet-based portal is hosted by People Intouch and is available to all IAV employees and third parties. The big advantage: reports can be submitted anonymously around the clock, 365 days a year, in many languages.

SpeakUp works as follows:
You can find the portal online on the website of People Intouch. You submit a notice using a secure form. You can choose to remain anonymous or provide your contact information.

Our compliance experts receive the report encrypted. In a next step, our compliance experts confirm that IAV has received the report. If you have chosen to remain anonymous, you will receive the message in SpeakUp. There you can log in with the case number you received when you submitted the report. Please remember or make a note of this number safely. In this way we enable communication between you and our Compliance Department while maintaining your anonymity.

You can access the portal via the following link: https://www.speakupfeedback.eu/web/iavsuppliers

Languages: German, French, Swedish, English, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean


In Brazil, our ombudsperson is available to our employees and third parties as an additional contact point. The ombudsperson is an independent law firm appointed by IAV. This law firm is subject to an obligation of secrecy.
It is the task of the ombudsperson to take up information from IAV employees or external parties, assess the facts of the case and, with the consent of the person providing the information, forward the information to IAV’s Compliance Department. At the request of the reporting person, the information can also be passed on in anonymized form.

You can reach our ombudsmen via the following contact details:

Ombudsperson Brazil

Law firm Pacheco Neto Sanden Teisseire Advogados

E-mail: ouvidoriaiavdobrasil@pnst.com.br

Phone: +55 11 3897-4433

Website: http://www.pnst.com.br/ouvidoriaiavdobrasil-pnst/

Languages: Portuguese, English

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