IAV Compliance Reporting Channels

We trust our employees and business partners. At the same time, we acknowledge that there will always be a few individuals who breach applicable laws and, by this behavior, pose a significant risk – for IAV, but potentially also for our business partners. That is why we appreciate all reports that are made in good faith, and which will help us investigate and potentially terminate a legal infringement.

Responsible entity

Our investigation team at IAV is specifically trained for handing incoming reports, communicating with reporting persons and conducting internal investigations. The team assesses incoming reports impartially, observes the highest standards of confidentiality and acts fully independent in their decision making process. The team reports directly to the Chief Compliance Officer.

Reporting channels

All contact details can be found in the boxes here on the right.

The following reporting channels are available to you:

  • Electronic „SpeakUp“ Portal
  • Telephone
  • E-Mail
  • Personal meeting

To arrange for an in person meeting, please contact us directly.

Note: If you use the “SpeakUp” portal  anonymously, please carefully write down the “case number” assigned to you by the system. Otherwise, we have no means to contact you in case of further questions due to your anonymity.

Application area

In particular, we receive information on (serious) rule violations via the above-mentioned channels. These are mainly available if circumstances have a connection to the following topics:

  • Economic, corruption and tax offenses;
  • Environmental crimes,
  • Human rights violations,
  • Antitrust infringements,
  • Money laundering and terrorist financing offenses;
  • Breaches of product safety regulations that may result in a violation of legal interests;
  • Violations of approval regulations,
  • Violations of data protection law.

Time limits, duration and expiry of the procedure

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within seven days of submitting your notice, provided that you have not submitted your notice as part of a personal conversation (by telephone or on site).

In order to gain a better understanding of the facts, it may be necessary for Compliance and Integrity to contact you in order to provide any queries or to request further documentation.

The processing of incoming information shall always take place within a reasonable period of time. Compliance and Integrity contacts the required internal and external bodies/stakeholders to clarify the situation.

You will be informed within three months of the outcome of the clarification of the facts and of the corrective measures required in each individual case. In individual cases, especially in the case of particularly complex facts, the processing of the facts may take more than three months. If this is the case, you will also be informed about this within three months of receipt of your notice. At the same time, they will be informed of when the clarification and processing of the facts can be expected to be completed.

If Compliance and Integrity come to the conclusion during the initial examination of the facts that the information you have provided does not fall within the scope of the procedure described here, you will also be informed of this in a timely manner. They will then also be informed about what led to the decision. If possible, Compliance and Integrity will then advise you on finding an alternative way to help you address your concern.

Protection against reprisals and discrimination

The notifying persons enjoy comprehensive protection against retaliation of any kind in accordance with the relevant legal and internal requirements. Disadvantages of informants are sanctioned. If whistleblowers abuse the existing possibilities of providing information with knowledge and will in order to harm third parties, this can also result in sanctions.


As part of the clarification of the facts, it is ensured at all times that the information and information provided by you will be treated confidentially. We pay particular attention to information that could directly or indirectly allow conclusions to be drawn about your identity.

Insofar as it should occur during the clarification and processing of the facts that Compliance and Integrity have to pass on the information about your person to third parties, this will in principle only take place when you have agreed to the transfer. Any restrictions to this effect due to the relevant statutory provisions remain unaffected by this.

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