Our Values

IAV Purpose Keyvisual EN

With our purpose “We move the world for the better through technology and engineering”, we do not maintain status, but instead confidently take the changes to our industry into our own hands. We are boldly moving forward and shaping its future. How a company deals with the changes the industry is currently experiencing is also shaped by its culture. And this culture is essentially based on purpose and values –the guiding principles that give employees orientation in their daily work. They are firmly anchored in our everyday work. Each and every one of us fills them with life anew every day. But for us at IAV, purpose and values are much more than that: they are also a promise that we make to ourselves and to our customers.

Responsibility: We take responsibility.

We take responsibility for our developments, services and products worldwide. We are committed to ecological, economic and social sustainability in order to preserve an environment for future generations that is worth living in. We act with integrity and in compliance with regulations. We adhere to our Code of Conduct and live compliance. We act for a better world.

Focus on customers: We do it. For our customers.

We are enablers. We anticipate our customers' needs and act quickly and flexibly. We are a strategic partner and co write the script of our markets worldwide. With us, customers have a reliable and visionary partner. We find the best solutions even for difficult and complex challenges. We do it! Our understanding of whole systems, integration expertise and development methods are forward looking. This is how we turn ideas into market success for our customers.

Excellence: We are best in class.

Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. With this knowledge, we work every day to find the best solutions to the pressing problems of our customers. With our outstanding engineering competencies, we improve the status quo and create excellent solutions. We strive for excellence and establish quality standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we lead the field in the implementation of new technologies.

Partnership: We win together.

The WE wins. For us, appreciation and companionship come first. As team players, we create more than the sum of our individual parts and generate synergies through our networks. We develop across divisions and achieve goals together to strengthen the company's position in the long term. We listen actively and communicate openly and honestly. We are committed to our words and actions towards other people Together we have fun.

Personality: We are all IAV.

Our know how is our strength. Driven by our commitment to excellence, we learn our whole life. For us, mistakes and feedback are an opportunity for personal growth. We give everyone the chance to actively shape IAV. We celebrate successes and overcome challenges together. We see every employee as a valuable personality. Diversity is a strength. We live tolerance and stand up for equal opportunities. IAV, that is all of us.

Innovative power: We design and realize ideas.

The best way to predict the future is to shape it. As innovators, we take responsibility to generate impulses . We shape the world of tomorrow in a positive way. We have the courage to go unknown ways and to challenge and further develop ourselves again and again. We open space for creativity so that we can consistently turn new ideas into visible innovations. We are at the forefront of important trends.

Passion for technology: We love technology and engineering.

We love technology. We love engineering. That is why our technologies and our engineering are characterized by deep passion for new things, complex problems and intellectual challenges. We are enthusiastic about the projects we do with our customers and the solutions we develop. We love what we do.