CPU 24/7 GmbH


CPU 24/7 GmbH is Germany’s No. 1 Engineering Cloud Provider.

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Based in Potsdam, Germany, since 2006 CPU 24/7 GmbH, has been successfully supporting the digitalisation of many companies in the fields of industrial and scientific engineering, e.g. in the automotive industry. The CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud is a secure and dedicated IT platform offering engineers and scientists various IT services for the entire product development process and product life cycle, including all relevant applications for computer-aided engineering (CAE), IoT, machine learning, deep learning, data science and more. These services, such as high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, data sharing and measurement platforms, applications-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service, are provisioned ‘on-demand’ and eliminate expensive upfront investments. CPU 24/7 is ISO 27001 certified & TISAX accredited. Furthermore, CPU 24/7 IT infrastructure is located in a high availability & high security data center (TIER 4) in Berlin.

CPU 24/7 GmbH

August-Bebel-Straße 26-53
14482 Potsdam

T +49 331 279784-0
M info@cpu-24-7.com


Registered Office: Potsdam
Court of Registration: Amtsgericht Potsdam
Company Registration number: HRB 20034 P
Formation: 2007
Managing Directors: Karsten Gierke