A Journey Towards Digital Mobility

IAV at the International Congress Advances in Automotive Electronics

      A Journey Towards Digital Mobility

      Under the banner “A Journey Towards Digital Mobility”, IAV was presenting nine showcases and four demonstrator vehicles at the International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics 2017.

      We are currently witnessing the most exciting phase in the history of automotive engineering: vehicles and IT are merging ever more closely. Soon, automobiles will be “always on”, i.e. permanently connected to the internet. As part of the Internet of Things, they will then exchange data with the cloud and mobile devices, permitting completely new services and making everyday routine noticeably easier for users. IAV was taking you on a journey towards the future of mobility at the International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics 2017 (June 27–28, 2017 in Ludwigsburg, Germany).

      IAV has a clear vision of tomorrow’s vehicles. We are working on a car that seamlessly connects the digital world with personal mobility. Mobile devices and data from the cloud will match the vehicle to the needs of occupants, create a pleasant atmosphere and make traveling as safe and as comfortable as possible. Join in!

      Biometric Sensors


      Vehicles with Empathy

      The car of the future will be empathic. It will identify the driver’s current state and create an atmosphere inside the vehicle that provides maximum well-being. The “sensory organs” needed for this already exist, and more and more people constantly have them on: smart watches and other wearables, such as fitness wristbands. Round the clock, they deliver the latest biometric data which can be used to draw conclusions on a person’s state – for instance, the pulse rate is an indicator of the stress level.

      We want to use information like this and, for the first time, create a vehicle that automatically responds to the needs of its occupants – by configuring the lighting, air-conditioning or infotainment system accordingly. To do this, we read out the data from the wearable sensors and, from them, compute the current physical state of vehicle occupants.

      This is no easy task: for the empathic vehicle, we not only need an interface between consumer devices and car but also adaptive computations as well as algorithms that can record and evaluate many different data and physical states. The aim is to identify the relationship between the driver’s physical and mental states with a high level of certainty – with a view, for example, to deducing the stress level.

      However, security plays an important part in this context, too. The biometric sensors deliver sensitive personal data which under no circumstances must be allowed to get into the wrong hands. This is why we favor tried and proven methods from the world of IT, such as encryption and firewalls. Using the example of context-based interior lighting, we will be showing you how this works in practice at our booth.

    • Forum am Schlosspark Ludwigsburg

      Stuttgarter Straße 33–35
      71638 Ludwigsburg

      Where to find us


      Forum am Schlosspark Ludwigsburg
      Stuttgarter Straße 33–35
      71638 Ludwigsburg

      Exhibition hours

      Tuesday, June 27
      8.30 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

      Wednesday, June28
      8.50 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.


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