A Journey Towards Digital Mobility

IAV at the International Congress Advances in Automotive Electronics

      A Journey Towards Digital Mobility

      Under the banner “A Journey Towards Digital Mobility”, IAV was presenting nine showcases and four demonstrator vehicles at the International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics 2017.

      We are currently witnessing the most exciting phase in the history of automotive engineering: vehicles and IT are merging ever more closely. Soon, automobiles will be “always on”, i.e. permanently connected to the internet. As part of the Internet of Things, they will then exchange data with the cloud and mobile devices, permitting completely new services and making everyday routine noticeably easier for users. IAV was taking you on a journey towards the future of mobility at the International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics 2017 (June 27–28, 2017 in Ludwigsburg, Germany).

      IAV has a clear vision of tomorrow’s vehicles. We are working on a car that seamlessly connects the digital world with personal mobility. Mobile devices and data from the cloud will match the vehicle to the needs of occupants, create a pleasant atmosphere and make traveling as safe and as comfortable as possible. Join in!

      Remote Diagnostics


      The Technician from the Cloud

      Vehicle diagnostics are leaving the repair shop and becoming part of the car owner’s “mobile lifestyle”: this is our vision of “remote diagnostics”. This will make breakdowns and problems less daunting – because through the cloud the driver can contact a service center at any time, which can then read vehicle information from the internet and localize faults remotely. In many cases, this will save the endless wait for a technician. Instead, drivers – assisted by an app – can rectify the fault themselves. And if they do need to visit the repair shop, the replacement parts will have long since been ordered.

      The example shows how digitization can help to boost customer satisfaction and also reveals the new business models that will result from vehicle connectivity. Manufacturers can also open a new, direct channel to their customers. They can use remote diagnostics for advertising special offers or remind vehicle owners of a forthcoming service inspection.

      The basis for new services of this kind is the “diagnostic cloud” because it can provide vehicle information easily and everywhere. Numerous “micro-services” run on the cloud that assist vehicle users whenever they need to and wherever they happen to be. It distributes remote updates via the internet. And it provides the capability of configuring and enabling vehicle functions. But micro-services can also provide a predicative diagnosis – preventing many a breakdown and, for example, permitting intelligent warranty models.

      Remote diagnostics promise to make driving even more relaxed in future. Third-party providers also benefit from an excellent business environment for their online services. But insurance companies, inspection organizations or fleet operators can also offer products in the diagnostic cloud. In other words: a world full of new possibilities is about to open up!

      IAV is focusing much attention on these fascinating ideas. In Ludwigsburg, we have been showing the “Technical Inspection Pre-Check” as one example application. Using an app, the driver can check the condition of key components before setting off and take measures in advance for servicing them – so that everything runs smoothly at the inspection later on. This is how remote diagnostics make sure that a mobile lifestyle really does stay mobile.

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