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      Overview – Drive2Shop

      On average, people today spend two and a half years of their lives in the car. Added to this, a further two years go on shopping. CarCommerce makes it easy to combine both activities as a way of winning back precious time for doing other things in life.

      In January, at CES in Las Vegas, IAV is presenting Drive2Shop, a unique CarCommerce platform. Drive2Shop immediately makes vehicles an essential part of the newly emerging smart cities. Connected with local retailers and service providers, the platform finds sought products and services and orders them. Navigated directly to the next supplier or provider, this lets consumers check off their shopping list while out on the road.

      Unlike mail order, there is no need to invest leisure time looking for and ordering products. Instead of waiting ages for them to be sent or having to pick them up from a parcel depot, they can opened, inspected and, if they fail to meet expectations, given back straight away.

      This link gives car manufacturers modern added value for their vehicles and provides valuable and high-frequency communication with the customer.

      For brick-and-mortar retailers and service providers reliant on omnichannel sales in the age of digital markets, CarCommerce will create a sales market worth billions. The new sales network gives them access to a customer segment that has previously bypassed retailers.

      Ultimately, society in general will benefit from the intelligent shopping assistants: through fewer journeys, resulting in significantly lower emissions, such as CO2, pollutants and noise, as well as much-reduced fuel consumption.

      Vision – A digital marketplace for everyone

      Time is the most valuable asset in our society, and in no other place do people spend as much time doing nothing as in the car. Autonomous driving may resolve this contradiction in the future - but why should it not already be possible to spend time in the car efficiently and safely?

      Drive2Shop brings the solution: the automobile as a digital marketplace, where drivers and their families are connected with the shops around them and can make purchases easily.

      This is not just beneficial for customers, who will save precious time. Businesses can also get in contact with the customer before purchase, while automobile manufacturers can build permanent digital relationships with their customers - which is completely new in terms of quality and frequency. Long-term benefits to society as a whole: Drive2Shop makes cities more liveable and protects the environment.

      How it works? Simple. Intuitive. And above all: reliable. Drive2Shop turns the car into an assistant in everyday life which networks the driver with their environment and enables them to handle everyday tasks.

      The system aligns the offerings of local businesses with the wishes of the customer, which are collected in the cloud in advance or spontaneously, by voice input, during the ride. If there is a match, the driver is given the best possible proposal.

      The driver can order the desired product and collect it right away; the car navigates the driver directly to the shop. Payment is made when the customer arrives - it’s very straight¬forward via a secure transaction from the vehicle. The customer picks up their order by Click & Collect, without having to leave the car.

      The driver can either operate the system via voice input or touch. It is constantly available (provided there is an adequate internet connection), both in the vehicle as well as via an app on smartphones or tablets.

      IAV Automotive Engineering is responsible for the visionary ideas driving the development of Drive2Shop and technical know–how for the automotive industry. Concardis, the leading payment service provider in Europe, guarantees secure and easy payment processing.


      Save my time – make efficient use of idle time just while driving and reduce pick-up times at the retailer



      On my way – you can purchase products and services directly from local retailers just while driving



      Make my wish come true – fulfill short-term and long-term needs through local retailers just while driving



      Trusted shop – you can make secure, guaranteed transactions – from the driving seat, just while driving



      User experience – secure, intuitive and legal use just while driving thanks to perfect integration in the vehicle



      Always on – the MarketPlace is constantly available both when stationary, on all smart devices and in the vehicle


      Follow us and keep up to date. Life has got much simpler – just while driving.

      Video – Best of CES 2017

      A journey towards the future of digital mobility - under this banner IAV presented the AutoMotive MarketPlace showcase at CES 2017

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      Video – AutoMotive MarketPlace

      Can you imagine fulfilling spontaneous long-standing wishes from the driving seat of your car without having to take a diversion, without losing time and without having to get your wallet out?

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      ""We must put added value into customer relations""

      Hilmar Dunker interviews the experts Pietro Hagemann, Timm Kellermann and Christian Müller-Bagehl about the new AutoMotive MarketPlace developed by the IAV Group and Concardis.  

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      Press release: IAV brings the Internet of Things into the car

      CES® 2017: IAV brings the Internet of Things into the car and presents advanced technologies for connected driving. A journey toward digital mobility and autonomous driving through cooperation partnerships with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Concardis.

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      Press release: Concardis and IAV develop the AutoMotive MarketPlace

      At the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2017, the AutoMotive MarketPlace was presented by payment service provider Concardis and IAV, one of the leading engineering partners to the automotive industry.

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      AutoMotive MarketPlace in the media / press comments - Concardis, IAV to announce Automotive Marketplace in Las Vegas - Concardis looks to make the car a commerce platform - CES 2017: Concardis Automotive Marketplace Means New Options for Drivers - The Car As A Commerce Platform? - The Car As Commerce Platform: Retail’s Captive Audience Opportunity


      Concardis is one of Europe's leading payment service providers. With more than 30 years of experience with payment transactions, the company offers smart solutions to cover the comprehensive requirements of a modern, cashless payment process: acceptance of all usual credit and debit cards, card terminals and contactless payment methods for brick-and-mortar retailers and innovative solutions for e- and m-commerce as well as support for customer management.

      For around 110,000 customers at 210,000 locations with more than 470,000 connected terminals, Concardis is the preferred partner when it comes to implementing efficient payment solutions. 


      Consulting4Drive is the consulting company in the IAV Group. As a wholly owned subsidiary of IAV, we are engaged in constant exchange with engineering experts all over the world. With a workforce of more than 7,000 employees and more than 30 years of experience, IAV offers an unrivalled range of expertise.

      Use the dynamic power of progress and the markets for your success: the interaction of engineering by IAV and consulting by Consulting4Drive generates the special added value of our work. Our project teams combine experience, methodical know-how, technical expertise and social skills. This allows us to generate an above-average cost-benefit ratio on your behalf when implementing your measures, thus accelerating the success of your company.

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