A Journey Towards Digital Mobility

IAV at the the International Congress ELIV

      A Journey Towards Digital Mobility

      Under this banner IAV will be presenting different showcases and three demonstrator vehicles at the International Congress ELIV.

      We are currently witnessing the most exciting phase in the history of automotive engineering: vehicles and IT are merging ever more closely. Soon, automobiles will be “always on”, i.e. permanently connected to the internet. As part of the Internet of Things, they will then exchange data with the cloud and mobile devices, permitting completely new services and making everyday routine noticeably easier for users. IAV will be taking you on a journey towards the future of mobility at the International Congress ELIV on October 18 and 19 in Bonn.

      IAV has a clear vision of tomorrow’s vehicles. We are working on a car that seamlessly connects the digital world with personal mobility. Mobile devices and data from the cloud will match the vehicle to the needs of occupants, create a pleasant atmosphere and make traveling as safe and as comfortable as possible.

      Context-Based Interior Lighting


      Stars in the Vehicle Sky

      Ambient lighting has a key influence on our sense of well-being and on our mood – you only have to compare the gloomy mood in fall with the attitude to life in sunshine at the height of summer. With driving too, much depends on whether the lighting inside the vehicle goes with our mood. In future, this aspect will become even more important with autonomous driving. As the car increasingly becomes a place to live and work in, occupants’ demands will grow. They will want an atmosphere that adapts to their current needs – automatically wherever possible.

      Today, we are in a position to meet this desire. Portable devices, like tablet computers or wearables, let users take their personal ID into the vehicle which can then address individual needs. What’s more: sensors permanently sense the physical state of their users and identify their mood. With their help, the vehicle can create precisely the atmosphere that is needed at any particular time – e.g. to relieve stress after a long day at work or to get up to speed early in the morning.

      IAV has been working on new interior lighting concepts for many years. Using personal data from wearables, we can automatically generate different interior lighting options at all seats, in each case geared to the specific needs of individual occupants. Various lighting scenarios can be produced on a large lighting panel in the vehicle roof, for example, a “welcome light” or a “journey light”. The welcome light automatically adjusts to each individual occupant as soon as he or she gets into the car. All passengers can choose and manage their own preferred ambience themselves. The journey light, in contrast, depends on the driver’s situation – in the case of autonomous driving, it could go into sleeping mode for the journey and, before arriving, into “wake-up” mode.

      In Ludwigsburg, we have been giving you a glimpse at the future of interior lighting. Our demonstrator vehicle is fitted with an LED roofliner that can generate many different lighting scenarios. It recognizes the occupants by their wearables and automatically adapts to their current state. And it also fulfills unusual lighting wishes from occupants, such as a star-studded sky in the car. Even on a gloomy evening in fall, this has an incredibly positive impact on the sense of well-being.

    • Where to find us


      World Conference Center Bonn

      Platz der Vereinten
      Nationen 2

      D-53113 Bonn

      Exhibition hours

      Wednesday, October 18
      08:45 a.m. – 06:15 p.m.

      Thursday, October 19
      08:30 a.m. – 15:15 p.m.

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