Tolerance Management

Using statistical 3D tolerance simulation, we validate functional reliability at an early stage and provide valuable information on tolerancing and optimizing the design. Tolerance management saves time, reduces costs and improves quality.

Toleranzmanagement –

Incomplete tolerancing is one of the most common reasons in practice for functional and assembly problems. The fear of failure often leads to unnecessarily narrow tolerances in drawings. In turn, parts are difficult to manufacture, making them expensive. On top of this, today’s development activities are not only growing in complexity, they are also facing increasing pressure on costs and time. Meeting these challenges makes efficient tolerance management absolutely essential.

Our tolerance experts combine technical and methodological expertise with a wealth of experience in design, manufacturing and measurement. They support you in all matters relating to tolerances – from evaluating concepts and drawings and performing complex simulations to coordinating all activities related to tolerances at every stage of development projects.

Concept evaluation and design review

Most of the ultimate production and assembly costs are defined as early as in the concept phase. The mounting and tolerancing concept largely determines how much tolerance compensation is required to ensure reliable and efficient assembly later on. We compare design options and optimize the design concept – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tolerance simulation at the development stage

Tolerances are a key factor in determining product properties and manufacturing costs. With technologies and designs growing in complexity, it is all the more important to analyze the effects of tolerances and operating conditions on functionality and assembly at every step of the process. We validate functionality at an early stage on the basis of three-dimensional statistical analyses covering all relevant components and assemblies, and provide recommendations on optimizing designs. This avoids costly damage and loss.

Manufacturing, assembly and metrology

In the event of manufacturing, assembly or operating problems, we can provide our clients with support in analyzing damage, while working as a mediator between customers and suppliers and proposing constructive solutions. We also help and advise in planning, performing and evaluating measurements.

Coordinating complete development projects

Nowadays tolerance management is an integral part of quality-driven development processes in automotive and mechanical engineering. To meet exacting demands and expectations, we coordinate all of the activities that are involved in a development project – over the entire product life cycle and for all functional subsystems.

Know-how and seminars

We have gathered many years of know-how from theory and practice, starting with the basics of systematic, comprehensive and unambiguous tolerancing through to every matter of detail. We share this expertise and experience in a variety of training activities, starting with “Datum Reference Frames” to “Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)”. One unique aspect of our training events is that we integrate examples (components and drawings) of the participants. Experience has shown that this maximizes both motivation and the ultimate learning result. This is of direct benefit to your projects.

Tools and software

Besides the CETOL 6σ software for statistical 3D tolerance analysis, we also use tools we have developed in-house to work on complex challenges or specific matters. We work with experts from a wide variety of disciplines and identify the impact tolerances have on function-relevant geometric as well as non-geometric parameters.