IAV Engine

IAV Engine benefits from over 20 years of experience designing engine mechanics. In this suite, IAV has pooled its internationally acknowledged expertise in developing mechanical drives for engines and powertrains.

It provides all of the tools that are needed, for example, to layout and adapt efficient and reliable mechanical combustion engine components (e.g. valvetrain, cranktrain, timing gear, engine mount system) and powertrains, as well as to evaluate the potential for reducing CO2 emissions from a newly developed engine.

IAV Engine permits flexible and interactive modeling with short computing times while providing modern functionalities, a consistent data model and well-engineered evaluation capabilities (e.g. animation and variant management). The engineering suite assists developers in a wide range of tasks:

Valvetrain design and optimization

IAV Engine provides a comprehensive package of functions for designing and computing common conventional and variable valvetrain types (including high-pressure pumps). In particular, it stands apart from other tools by integrating the sub-components needed for designing cams and springs as well as for computing kinetostatics and dynamics.

Cranktrain and crankshaft layout and optimization

Several modules are provided for designing and analyzing a combustion engine’s cranktrain and for modeling and optimizing crankshaft geometry, e.g. configuring plain bearings, evaluating friction and simulating torsional vibrations. They are quickly set up with a wizard which can be used for generating an initial basic model of the cranktrain and a parametric crankshaft model by entering just a few key parameters.

Modeling and designing timing gears and auxiliary drives

This module is used for interactively modeling chain drives, belt drives and gear trains. Besides interactive designers for generating the layout (including guide and tensioner blades), it also provides tools for dimensioning the tensioning system, for evaluating geometry and kinetostatics as well as for estimating elongation and friction.

Designing and analyzing the engine mount system

IAV Engine comes with extensive aids for designing the engine mount system. The forces and moments from the other modules (e.g. cranktrain, valvetrain) can be applied to the engine block as excitation. Once the engine mounts have been defined, this provides the basis for determining and visualizing engine block movement, mount responses as well as the natural frequencies and natural vibration modes of the mount system.

Powertrain longitudinal dynamics and cycle simulation

This module is a simulation tool for analyzing conventional, all-electric and hybrid powertrains. Apart from computing evaluation variables, such as sprinting, gradability and accelerating performance, it can also determine fuel consumption in a cycle simulation. Extensive visualization options and evaluation functions as well as advanced macro/script capabilities are also available. Linking the parametric engine model from IAV Engine with the powertrain model makes it possible to evaluate the impact of a development on CO2 emission at an early stage of the development process.

An intuitive and flexible user interface, wizards, interactive designers, integrated variant management along with well-developed post-process and animation techniques support the user. Scalable and modular in design, IAV Engine can be upgraded with the IAV Engine Toolbox and IAV Engine Analyzer modules, providing it with additional functionalities.