IAV Primero

Third-generation fault simulation.

IAV Primero

Lambda probe on-board diagnostics (OBD) must be in a position to identify aging effects on the lambda probe well before it becomes unable to deliver the signals needed for emission-related functions in the vehicle (e.g. mixture control, catalyst diagnosis).

IAV Primero makes it easy for developers to manipulate the complex processing of lambda probe signals. It is capable of providing the engine control system’s OBD algorithms with an lambda probe signal modified on the basis of freely configurable fault patterns. Here, the lambda probe’s signal path is manipulated at vehicle level without the need for any intervention in engine control functions. The efficacy of on-board diagnosis can be verified in its unchanged volume production state and demonstrated within vehicle homologation.

IAV Primero makes it easy to integrate into the signal path between lambda probe and engine management system through the universal cable harness in any vehicle environment. An IAV Primero can be used for operating one linear sensor and binary sensor each simultaneously. The unit is conveniently configured and controlled via the user interface from a laptop connected to IAV Primero by USB. The CAN interface provided permits seamless integration of the data generated by IAV Primero into the existing calibration environment (for example, ETAS INCA). IAV Primero is fully backward compatible with all sensor models and control units that have so far been supported by previous Lambda-FST generations.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Support of a large number of lambda probes
  • Large number of user-configurable fault patterns
  • Scalable to the needs of vehicle project
  • Configurable for OBD demonstrations within vehicle homologation
  • Compact and robust design for in-vehicle use

Compatibility – control units

  • Bosch
  • Continental
  • Magneti Marelli

Compatibility – lambda probes

  • Bosch
  • NTK

Further control units and sensors available on request.

Accessories and services

For easy integration in any vehicle project, IAV Primero comes complete with an USB cable and a universal adapter for connection to supply voltage, engine control unit and lambda probes.

Individually tailored services provide optional, first-class customer support for IAV Primero and allow full support from day one.

  • Ad-hoc device replacement service (subject to device availability from IAV)
  • Annual function check and calibration with report
  • Updates and upgrades of device software