IAV Xingu (formerly CalGuide)

Calibrating vehicle control units involves huge challenges. More than 40,000 values can be varied – balancing these parameters is extremely complicated, particularly when it takes a whole team of calibration engineers. Time for IAV Xingu (formerly CalGuide®).

IAV Xingu is a process-oriented dataset management tool. Calibration engineers can use it to generate and manage datasets for calibrating control units. This is where both A2L as well as dataset files are stored, sorted by projects and assigned to various processing levels – making the unorganized handling of countless Excel tables a thing of the past.

IAV Xingu's capabilities go beyond saving and organizing datasets. With its perfected user manager, the software also helps to define rules and control responsibilities. If a parameter is being edited by several users, for example, the program monitors whether conflicts occur – and provides solutions straight away. It is possible here to define exact user rights and responsibilities.

IAV Xingu constantly takes on board ideas and experiences from IAV’s and our partners’ project business. As a result, the software provides a range of practical solutions and diverse options for enhancing quality in calibration. This includes a perfected system of reporting that helps to document the various processes involved. Every update extends the scope of functions IAV Xingu provides – such as through new data formats being included that extend importing and exporting functions or by us optimizing user prompting.

Technical specifications

  • Support with various file formats from different calibration systems (including.dcm, .par, PaCo, CDF)
  • INCA interface
  • Unit library for displaying vehicle configurations
  • Supports Windows operating systems