Intuitive tool for guiding calibration and knowledge management

Amid growing system complexity, increasing model diversity and a wealth of derivatives – the task of calibrating control units is getting ever more complicated and will become tomorrow’s cost-driver in developing engines. The INCA-FLOW calibration tool helps project managers, algorithm and software developers and calibration engineers in the work they do by speeding up the development process and making expertise available across the company.

Any calibration engineer can use INCA-FLOW intuitively: The program’s graphic editor helps the engineer to define the calibration procedure – setting out the calibration process in the form of a flow diagram, with each block representing a basic method (such as measuring, adjusting or optimizing) or a group of basic methods. These can be matched to the particular calibration task using parameters. The degree of automation can be scaled to suit individual needs. Once the calibration sequence is defined, the INCA-FLOW script generated in this way automatically runs measurement, evaluation and adjustment processes in INCA.

Managing expertise with INCA-FLOW

Calibration engineers are often confronted with evolutionary changes – such as a new engine generation or a derivative of a vehicle or engine concept. INCA-FLOW makes it easy to fall back on knowledge from projects that have already been concluded. Even a completely new engine can benefit from resident calibration knowledge if the engine control system is developed on the basis of a previous version. Use of an internal library of calibration processes prevents knowledge from previous projects from being lost: Experience stored in the database is available for future reference. This way, even less experienced calibration engineers reach the level of “old hands” and the entire process takes noticeably less time.

INCA-FLOW can be used in any environment: SiL, HiL, roller dynamometer, engine and component test bench as well as in vehicle-fleet endurance tests (together with a data logger). Proving successful, the tool has been in use at IAV and numerous clients since 2010. The program is sold exclusively by ETAS GmbH who also provides user support.