IAV Engine Analyzer

This software package is used for evaluating simulation and test data. Its modules permit specific evaluations and provide further analysis tools.

The software can be seamlessly integrated into the development process through numerous interfaces. For easy, fast access to test and computation data, IAV Engine Analyzer also provides the capability of holding these data in a database (IAV Knowledge Database).

CyLA Module

This module provides analysis tools for evaluating liner/cylinder distortion as well as bearing-tunnel and valve-guide deformation. Additional evaluation capabilities, such as for checking piston ring fit or for modifying input data (including outlier correction, computation of the differential data set and smoothing) complement the range of functions. Measured and computed data are easy to compare and visualize in 2D and 3D diagrams. The module also provides a large number of interfaces for importing measured and computed data as well as for exporting in a variety of formats. The module can be controlled automatically by script, with an interactive script generator supporting the user.

Findings database module

This module is used for recording findings from endurance tests. These can be displayed as measured series or images. Modern methods of analysis permit fast and easy data evaluation, providing test and computation engineers with support in their day-to-day work. All values are saved in a database which makes comparison significantly easier. Data can be exported in Excel and PowerPoint format or as interactive viewer.

CaWe and ExWe modules

These modules provide numerous options for evaluating wear on cams, eccentric cams, eccentric and main bearing journals as well as moving-contact areas. They provide various import interfaces to numerous measuring machines (ASCII) as well as options for exporting (for visualizing and filing data in tables). Reports can also be generated automatically, e.g. as PDF files.

CySE module

This module is used for analyzing gasket compression and sealing gap vibration in cylinder head gaskets. It can import FEM data from simulation programs, such as Patran, and permits comparison of several datasets, the display of bolting positions and presentation as line or surface pressure.

OPC module

This module provides a comprehensive range of evaluation options for analyzing oil pressure in the engine. In addition to visualizing measurement series (setpoint pressure, actual pressure, lower deviation as well as the lower deviation’s moving average), they can also be compared and statistically evaluated. This makes it possible to assess hardware and software statuses of map-controlled oil pumps and set benchmarks with alternative solutions.

LSA module

The LSA module permits the analysis and evaluation of vehicle measurement data (including torque, gearshift, vehicle speed). It is a pre- and postprocessor for IAV AMeDA or IAV’s measurement data platform which can be used for quickly and easily generating evaluation scripts as well as for analyzing the results in clearly structured diagrams. The result data can be exported for further processes in Excel format.