Test Facilities and Laboratories

Testing for efficiency and safety

A first-class engineering partner must be capable of testing to the highest possible standard. This is why IAV invests large amounts in providing high-quality and state-of-the-art measuring equipment at every level of testing.

From door handle to powertrain and even the entire vehicle: There is hardly an area our engineers cannot put through its paces. For instance, IAV has its own 130-meter crash facility – something that cannot be taken for granted at an independent development provider.

Our clients know: IAV’s test benches satisfy the same high quality standards automobile manufacturers place on their own facilities. This is the only way of delivering results you know you can thoroughly rely on.

Berlin at 5,300 Meters – IAV’s New Climate Roller Dynamometer for Altitude Testing

Reproducible results even under extreme conditions, fewer test drives in high mountains and higher reliability in the development process: this is what you get from IAV‘s new high-altitude climate roller dynamometer. It is one of the world’s most modern and most versatile facilities of its kind, and gives the company a key USP. IAV customers benefit from shorter development cycles and lower costs for development and validation.

Our customers know: IAV’s test benches meet the same high quality standard automobile manufacturers set for their own facilities. This is the only way to get results you can rely on in every respect.