We develop end-to-end service and diagnostic concepts – worldwide

IAV is at your side at the end of the development process and after volume production starts too: Our “Flying Doctors”, for example, are on the spot anywhere in the world when technical problems need to be analyzed and remedial action defined. Our experts quickly get your vehicles back on the road again.

We are also the right address when it comes to updating the software for production control units. Hand in hand with the specialized department responsible, we coordinate the process with the developers and customer service. This makes sure, for example, that only the correct software version is ever fed into the customer service database – with the number of vehicle models growing all the time, this is a highly complex matter these days. Added to this are the different demands from the world’s markets: We work closely with the importers and manufacturing plants, and provide training to acquaint them with all new developments.

We also provide you with the necessary service information, such as "guided troubleshooting" (GT) to ensure an efficient and targeted diagnosis and repair in the service process. We also work on end-to-end diagnostic concepts for connected vehicles, on new diagnosis systems and develop innovative services that permit attractive business models in after-sales. Examples include: Over-the-air updates, remote diagnosis and predictive diagnosis and servicing solutions.