Quality Assurance

IAV detects stubborn faults

Professional in-service monitoring avoids warranty costs and damage to your brand’s image. We can analyze your worldwide customer service data and ascertain the most frequent fault causes. Linking different data sources permits the early identification of specific components or software versions that are responsible for the problems. Together with the technical departments involved, we develop remedial action with a fixed schedule – for example, model re-launches that lend themselves as milestones for removing faults. Once the measures are in place, we track their effectiveness and suggest any further improvements that may be necessary.

We can also assist your service team in relation to problems with a cause that cannot be identified in the workshop. An IAV team analyzes the customer vehicle on location at the dealership and, if necessary, installs additional measuring equipment and sensors. When problems occur, the customer can then immediately set a marker that serves as the starting point for analysis in the workshop.

IAV is also ideally positioned for worldwide vehicle validation: We can provide you with the complete infrastructure for your tests – including driver, analyzing identified abnormalities and regular reporting.

Leveraging potential by reducing “No Trouble Found” (NTF)

Our comprehensive technical expertise allows us to reduce  NTF rates, e.g. by analyzing components, modules and systems as well as with diagnostic and repair processes in the repair shop – all as a one-stop shop service. Given our insight and many years of experience in development and quality processes, our strengths include addressing all aspects that help to analyze faults for a successful result.