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Developing like IAV’s experts: This is possible using our development tools. They have proven their worth in numerous high-volume projects and are always on the cutting edge. Most of our tools not only speed up the engineering process but also enhance its quality and reliability. Here again, what we develop moves you.

It is often the case that key development tools are lacking in the highly complex engineering process, existing tools no longer meet today’s requirements or we simply identify ways of improving tools. We like to rectify situations of this type – by developing our own tools and software programs. This also benefits our clients and partners.

Our portfolio of development tools covers measuring systems, testing systems as well as calibration tools. On the measuring system side, tools like IAV Primero (a fault simulation tool for oxygen sensors) and IAV Meru (formerly KIS4, a system for detecting combustion knock on the test bench) have become established as the standard platform. Our IAV Cross provides the means for testing injection systems and is used by numerous manufacturers. Among our most popular calibration tools are IAV Xingu (a database system for managing datasets for derivatives) and IAV Kasai (a tool capable of reducing the number of bench tests). Interconnected with INCA, IncaFlow is used for process-controlled calibration and sold jointly by IAV and ETAS.

Our aim is to offer a start-to-finish tool chain that covers the entire ‘V’ process and provides an easy way of intermeshing its individual links through interfaces. All products reflect the many years of experience of our professional developers – practical expertise we are pleased to share with others.


IAV Flexmore

Quick and easy list comparisons, processing and analysis

List information is generated constantly during the engineering process, in the form of Excel spreadsheets, extracts from CAD programs or exports from databases. The information is also changing all the time. For example, parts are always being added or removed. Some lists become almost unrecognizable in next to no time. Furthermore, it is often necessary to compare lists from various sources with completely diff erent structures. While Excel spreadsheets are often used for engineering, production plants then have their own systems for the pilot production phase. This all makes manual comparison very diffi cult.

IAV has recognized great potential for optimization here and therefore developed the IAV Flexmore product family. It consists of two main components: Flexmore.Compare permits fl exible comparisons of diff erent list types. Quickly and with little eff ort, the tool produces an overview of the diff erences between the lists, thus making analysis easier. Flexmore.WeightCalc is used for analyzing weights and for determining engine DIN weights, thus permitting objective comparisons, for example of subsequent CO2 emissions.

IAV Flexmore is constantly optimized at IAV and can easily process lists with more than two million rows and more than 1,000 columns. The tool closes the process gap between development systems for pilot and volume production and has already proven its worth in numerous projects.

IAV Barito

Easy and robust parameterization of electric battery models using test bench data

IAV Engine Suite

IAV Engine and the two extension modules, IAV Engine Toolbox and IAV Engine Analyzer, give developers access (...)

IAV Kivu (formerly FI2RE)

Developing new combustion processes and injection components demands flexible control units that can be (...)

IAV Meru (Indicar)

IAV Meru (current generation Indicar) is a portable indication system capable of real-time signal processing. (...)

IAV Primero

Third-generation fault simulation.


Intuitive tool for guiding calibration and knowledge management

IAV Cross (formerly Injection Analyzer)

The IAV Cross (formerly Injection Analyzer) is a high-performance system for conducting hydraulic (...)

IAV Kasai (formerly EasyDoE)

IAV Kasai (formerly EasyDoE) is a software tool for workflow-guided engine calibration using the DoE (Design (...)

IAV Macara

High Speed and Quality Even in Complex Calibration Projects

IAV Meru (KIS4)

IAV Meru (current generation KIS4 – Indication System with Knock Evaluation) is a high-performance measuring (...)

IAV Xingu (formerly CalGuide)

Calibrating vehicle control units involves huge challenges. More than 40,000 values can be varied – (...)

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