Algorithm and Software Development

In developing software and algorithms for transmission control systems, we turn design and requirements specifications into production-ready reality

Our software developers benefit from broad expertise in engineering open and closed-loop control strategies at prototype and production level for all modern automatic transmissions, such as dual-clutch transmissions (wet and dry), automated manual transmissions and automatic planetary transmissions with converter. Software development focuses on controlling the shifting process in automatic transmissions, on developing diagnostic and safety strategies as well as additional functions in hybrid powertrains, such as stop/start, coasting and the activation of additional torque.

In addition to manual coding, code for the algorithms is extensively generated automatically on the basis of software development systems, such as MATLAB / Simulink. Commercially available as well as custom-built tools and development environments are used for quickly implementing and integrating prototype software. Our own IAVcon prototype control unit allows us to validate and verify the basic software and algorithms for controlling a prototype transmission. We take into account the relevant requirements of ISO 26262 (on the functional safety of road vehicles) in developing software and algorithms for safety-critical systems and diagnostic functions in transmission management.

Our competencies in developing control systems

  • Production-ready development of entire control systems for all modern transmissions in classic and hybrid powertrains
  • Development of software for safety-critical systems and diagnostic functions from requirements specification to production release
  • Model-based software development
  • HiL and MiL simulation and software validation
  • Control and integration of new transmission concepts for prototypes