IAV Transmission Benchmark

Detailed reports show the configuration and cost structure of powertrain components

Powertrains are undergoing many changes at the moment. The number of speeds in conventional transmissions is rising all the time, and the developers are being confronted with completely new challenges from increasing hybridization and electrification. Our transmission benchmarks give you detailed insight into new transmissions as well as into other electric and hybrid components of the powertrain.

Our transmission benchmarks proceed from IAV’s worldwide market analyses from which we select particularly interesting solutions. You can choose from three report categories:

  • The “Technology Report” concentrates on the hardware and gives detailed descriptions of components, assemblies and function systems. A functional analysis performed on the transmission test bench or in the vehicle provides information on how the transmission is integrated into the overall vehicle.
  • The “Cost Report” provides an analysis of costs. Following a bottom-up approach, our experts ascertain among other things what a specific volume of transmissions costs to produce and identify the key cost drivers involved in producing them.
  • The parts list shows in detail which components the transmission is made up of.

Benefit from our many years of experience in designing and analyzing transmissions. This is where you can order our reports.

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