Communication & Diagnostics Test Center

Control unit validation from ISO/OSI layer 2 to 7

Our Communication & Diagnostics Test Center validates the communication protocols between the control units as well as the communication between the control unit and the connected diagnostic testers. The validation covers ISO/OSI layer 2 (data link layer) to 7 (application layer), in other words it extends from network management over ISO-TP through to the UDS protocol or operating and display (BAP) protocol, and covers the following physical interfaces: CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, Flexray, Automotive Ethernet.

We validate control units both for OEMs in the framework of their release process and also directly on behalf of suppliers as part of their tests at the development stage. During the tests we adhere to the OEM-specific specifications and stipulations. We are certified by the Volkswagen Group to perform tests whose test reports are accepted in the Group and are relevant for release. In addition to OEM-specific test scopes, we are also in a position to fulfill customized requirements.

A control unit is validated separately from the control unit network. The test specimen is tested in a simulated environment. It is thus possible to manipulate the communication protocols so as to ensure adequate coverage with bad-case tests while at the same time ensuring that the test results are not distorted by other bus users.

Efficient troubleshooting

The tests can be carried out on reaching a maturity level of 100% (software) or B/C sample status. The results of a test include not just a test report listing the unfulfilled requirements: our experts also summarize discrepancies triggered by a failure cause and provide written comments. The software developers can thus concentrate on eliminating the failures without the need for protracted analyses. At the customer's request, every test is concluded with a joint debriefing. The aim is to achieve a shared understanding for any points in the test result lacking clarity in the interests of efficient troubleshooting.

Our Test Centers are at the two IAV sites in Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt and Gifhorn/Wolfsburg. The tests are carried out in secure, access-restricted areas to warrant design and prototype protection.