Light and Vision

State-of-the-art headlamps, tail lamps and mood lighting give the driver optimum support in every situation – during the day, night, dawn and dusk

The aim of our developers is to provide drivers with the best possible light for seeing objects and for being seen in any situation. When it comes to illuminating the roadway, we use state-of-the-art technologies, such as mechanically adjustable xenon lamps and headlamps that consist entirely of LEDs. To describe the demands on headlamps in the best way possible, we also take advantage of the close links we have with our colleagues from the departments specializing in driving-environment sensor systems and driver assistance.

Headlamp development

Starting at the concept stage, we cooperate with the designers to create the hardware and mechanical systems for new headlamps. Once this has been done, we provide support in all further phases of the development process – from production-ready development through to preliminary testing for type approval and actual release by a certified laboratory.

Comprehensive testing facilities

Our indoor vehicle-lighting test facility provides us with the means to examine every detail of new headlamps. Under reproducible conditions, our specialists measure a wide range of different aspects, such as the effects of ambient light on beam distribution as well as homogeneity, conspicuity, visibility and contrast. This allows us to evaluate new headlamps under various criteria – from the aspect of homologation, from the aspect of the driver and from the aspect of design.

The driver is moving closer into the focus

Improved driving-environment sensor systems will make it possible to take account of the driver’s needs even better in future. New developments are helping us here, such as LED lights with more and more luminous areas with which light distribution can be controlled with yet greater precision. LEDs will also help to develop energy-optimized low and high beam lights, increasing the cruising range of electric vehicles.