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The future of mobility is characterized by highly automated and autonomous driving, connectivity, and digital, networked systems as well as mobile services. The automotive and IT worlds are moving closer together. However, solutions from the IT world cannot simply be transferred to the automotive cosmos. With more than 1,200 specialists for end-to-end mobility solutions and over 25 years of experience in both worlds, IAV combines automotive know-how and IT expertise.

Biting the bits – the future of carmakers

Software and the automobile are now more than just two inseparable terms. Jürgen Müller, Executive Vice President Software Systems & Connectivity at IAV, talks about the latest developments and players on the market, as well as the current challenges in the automotive software cosmos.

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We are redefining German engineering

The road to the software-defined vehicle poses numerous challenges for the automotive industry – both, OEMs and development service providers. Cariad CEO Dirk Hilgenberg and IAV CEO Matthias Kratzsch talk about the latest developments in software, autonomous driving functions and cyber security.

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Five seconds ahead of time – Optical Flow

People and their behavior are sometimes unpredictable. This can lead to unexpected and risky situations, especially in road traffic. Looking into the very near future could prevent this. Cameras, algorithms and neuronal networks are the ingredients for more safety in road traffic.

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Vaccination for vehicles against cyber viruses

Autonomous driving and the networking of vehicles are increasingly targeted by hackers and must be protected from attacks. Together with easycore GmbH and the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW), IAV has developed a concept that secures networked vehicles.

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Listen to the rattling – Predicitive Maintenance

IAV and the Technical University of Braunschweig investigate the advances that artificial intelligence (AI) can make in detecting and classifying normal and questionable operating noises to help prevent unnecessary consequential damage, but also reduce the number of avoidable workshop visits.

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How engineers test today

Test Case Automation (TCA) from IAV makes measurements more efficient and less prone to error – thus advancing digitalization in the core business. The tool chain ensures reliability and high quality of the data generated. Furthermore, testing is possible remotely, as the engineering specialist does not need to be directly on site

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Test drive in the virtual interior

What at first looks like the latest version of the Car Driving Simulator is in fact the modern test environment for the development of new safety functions in cars. In this simulated environment, IAV uses synthetic sensor data from the computer -–and tools from game development. Photorealistic renderings are used instead of real people and test vehicles.

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China – HMI Wonderland

Different country, different HMI system – manufacturers must adapt user interfaces to local conditions before launching them on the market. Especially in China, HMI solutions that are particularly unusual for Europeans are in demand. That’s why IAV is significantly expanding its capacities in China and offering versatile tech solutions, from concept studies to series development.

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IAV Awards Stipends for Young Talents

Collaboration between industry and science has been an Integral component of IAV’s DNA since it started out as a spin-off from TU Berlin in 1983. For targeted support, IAV and its partner IT-Talents have awarded 14 scholarships to software talents.

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