Calling All Software Talents! Code Competition “Automated Driving”

Deadline 14 June 2020
Online Programming Competition
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Show us your coding skills while working on real-life cases in this programming competition!



Develop a graphical user interface (GUI) for the visual analysis of drone data. We’re looking for creative ideas in the form of desktop applications, apps, or web applications from individuals or teams.

In practice, reference data from drone images helps ensure the safety of automated driving functions. This includes emergency brake systems, adaptive cruise control (ACC), park assist, and greater levels of automation, which make driving more comfortable and, more importantly, safer.

IAV develops automated driving functions for various automobile manufacturers and guarantees their reliable functioning.



You have until 14 June 2020 to submit your solutions.

We will announce the winners in July/August and award prizes to the three best applications.



The winners will receive up to 500 €, valuable contacts, our knowledgeable professional feedback, and fame and glory!



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