October 16 – 17, 2019
Bonn, Germany

Intelligent Comfort: Innovations in automotive electronics

IAV is presenting innovations in automotive electronics from the fields of new mobility, entertainment and software architecture for autonomous driving at the ELIV (Electronics In Vehicles) Congress from October 16 to 17 in Bonn. Engineering solutions from IAV provide passenger comfort, convenience and innovation for all aspects of mobility, from urban delivery services over the last mile to customized entertainment and safety concepts for autonomous driving.

Cargobike – solution for the last mile with smart fleet management

Developing the Cargobike, IAV provides an interconnected solution for delivery services in the urban environment with a wide range of applications, particularly over the “last mile”. The Cargobike makes work easier in everyday delivery routine with a camera-based follow-me function. This identifies the previously registered carrier and automatically follows him or her. On short distances this saves the carrier the need to get on and off the bike all the time and push it.

Not only a bonus for the carrier: a central dashboard optimizes fleet management and permits clearly structured route and deployment planning. The operating and maintenance parameters for all vehicles can be viewed and evaluated online at any time. If a limit value, such as low tire pressure, is identified, the system automatically informs driver and fleet operator so that appropriate measures can be initiated.

Active safety layer – software architecture for autonomous driving

To ensure autonomous driving safety, IAV uses a practical multi-layer architecture that divides the system into a comfort layer and an active safety layer.

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Here, the comfort layer is the element that brings convenience to performing the various automated driving activities, from driving through an urban intersection to traveling on the expressway. The active safety layer, in contrast, has the purpose of taking action in an acute emergency and of responding in the appropriate manner to the particular hazardous situation with significantly reduced demands on comfort.

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