Hybrid and electric vehicles conference 2021

23.02.2021 — 24.02.2021

Hybrid and electric vehicles conference 2021

23.02.2021 — 24.02.2021

Unleashing the potential of e-mobility

E-mobility is rapidly gaining momentum. But electric and hybrid drives offer enormous potential not only for passenger cars, but also for commercial vehicles, in order to achieve the CO2 transport targets.

Research and development continue to advance – in battery technology and charging infrastructure, in the use of hydrogen and fuel cells, but also in vehicle architectures and the electrification of commercial vehicles.

Let’s discuss new ideas together

HEV Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 2021″ will take an in-depth look at the exciting questions and topics in this broad spectrum. IAV is the main sponsor of the two-day conference on 23 and 24 February, which can “only” take place digitally due to the pandemic. Numerous speakers from industry and science have been invited.

The “highlights” include Andreas Friedrich (Daimler AG, requested) and Prof. Arno Kwade (TU Braunschweig/BLB) as well as several speakers from IAV, including Dr. Gregor Gelbert (TP-D), Reza Rezaei (TP-C) and Ralf Wascheck (TP-T).


What are your latest ideas and developments on “Hybrid and electric vehicles“? We look forward to getting to know your point of view. Be there!


Participants: 280 €
Universities/ Public Service: 160 €
Full-time students: 100 €
IAV employees: 140 €

The price is exclusive of VAT.

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