Summit Climber

Fully electric on the “roof garden of Europe”


It is one of the toughest tests for vehicles of all kinds: the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Just right, therefore, to put our electrified double-decker bus “Elcty” through its paces.

Under the extreme conditions in the high mountains, the double-decker, affectionately known as the “Barbie bus”, showed what it was made of and mastered the challenging route up Austria’s highest mountain with ease and elegance.

The traditional MAN bus features a new e-drive system from IAV, which can be used to convert diesel buses to electric drive – climate-friendly and powerful at the same time. The Großglockner Challenge has demonstrated this.

Behind the Scenes

The main actor, of course, our pink double-decker. With the support of a great team.

„Making of“ Großglockner Challenge
Elcty Grossglockner Teamfoto Cornelius Dietrich, Oliver Kreye, Giorgi Kobaidze, Utz-Jens Beister, Reiner Zern, Ivo Banek