Strong on the mountain

The Großglockner Challenge with the IAV Elcty demonstrated one thing in particular: IAV’s e-drive system can withstand extreme conditions and is on the same level as the e-drives of major commercial vehicle manufacturers.

“Even if it is an unusual driving profile for a double-decker bus, it was no surprise to us that the electrified bus mastered the long climbs without any problems”, says Utz-Jens Beister, E-Mobility Product Manager at IAV.

The characteristics of an e-drive perfectly match the tractive power requirements of a vehicle. Reiner Zern, driver of the double-decker electrified with IAV Elcty, was able to confirm this, especially when driving uphill: “As a bus driver, you normally find yourself sweating when you have to drive uphill. Driving up the high alpine road was completely effortless.

The one who brakes, wins

During the descent, the team was also able to test the IAV Elcty’s recuperation performance. With recuperation, the vehicle battery is recharged by recovering braking energy during braking. During the challenge, the IAV Elcty was able to provide most of the braking power via recuperation, thus conserving resources and the service brake.

“During the descent, the driving brake only warmed up minimally”, says Beister. “In contrast to many other cars that drove downhill and then started to emit the smell of burnt brake pads.”

Instead of converting the kinetic energy into heat, Elcty was able to recover 24% of the battery’s State of Charge (SoC) on the descent. As 41% of the battery’s SoC was used uphill, more than half of the battery capacity was recovered via recuperation.

Beister’s conclusion: up and down the Großglockner easily and safely with an electric double-decker bus? – “Mission accomplished!”

The Großglockner myth

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road has always been an endurance test for vehicles of all kinds.

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