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Electric instead of diesel: also for new buses

Quiet and without any smell – the MAN SD 202 double-decker used for the mountain testing on the Grossglockner is equipped with the “IAV Elcty” e-drive, which is ready for series production. The system is currently being used by Stadtrundfahrt Dresden GmbH to convert 25 of its diesel double-decker buses to e-drives.


The kit offers particularly medium-sized bus and commercial vehicle manufacturers a solution with which they can electrify their vehicle portfolios quickly and safely, says Utz-Jens Beister, E-Mobility Product Manager in the Solutions & Products division at IAV. “With IAV Elcty, the transformation to climate-neutral buses can be sped up.”

Many bus manufacturers buy their conventional drives from larger vehicle manufacturers and have therefore often not built up in-house development capacities, says Beister. “Our technology provides them with a state-of-the-art and efficient drive technology that has been developed to the same standards as the drives of well-known manufacturers.”

When equipping new vehicles with IAV Elcty, the main focus is on system development and the integration of an electronic control unit (ECU). The necessary standards and guidelines, such as functional safety (FuSi), which is important for drives, are incorporated.

“For many small-volume vehicle manufacturers, it is difficult to develop their own drive systems”, says Beister. The IAV Elcty e-drive system could help such companies to master the transition to climate-friendly drives and new technologies easily and in a sustainable way.

In the coming years, bus and commercial vehicle manufacturers will also face new technologies such as autonomous and automated driving (ADAS), requirements for the vehicles’ ability to communicate with the transport infrastructure (Car2X) and legal requirements for product safety, data protection and cybersecurity, says Beister. “IAV is also available to provide manufacturers with solutions in these fields.”

How does the Elcty work?

Everything you need to know: Technology, installation, funding.

E-drive conversion kit
Elcty Grossglockner


And the winner is… The Elcty receives a sustainability award.

Sustainability Award in Automotive

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Utz-Jens Beister
Utz-Jens Beister, Managing Director IAV Cars GmbH