Battery Slot Machine – a gaming machine for batteries

10.08.2023  — 

The Battery Slot Machine is a simulator that allows users to combine vehicles and batteries in any way they like and to get a glimpse of what the battery solutions of the future will look like. Dr Alexander Fandakov knows the simulator inside out. Here he answers questions.

Battery Slot Maschine
Fun fact: the Battery Slot Machine works like a gaming machine and has real addictive potential. ©IAV

What is the technology behind the Battery Slot Machine?

The battery simulator is based on IAV’s state-of-the-art methodology for the model-based development of battery cells and systems. The methodology employs various simulation tools with dedicated interfaces and models for predicting cell and cooling system performance as well as cell ageing, together with their impact on pack design, but also on control algorithms. The methodology further focuses on assessing and minimizing the environmental impact of the product as well as its costs.

How does this help customers?

IAV can support customers in all phases of the battery system development process, from the initial concept definition to series development of the product. IAV’s powerful tools can be used to design and optimize battery systems based on both state-of-the-art (for example NMC / LFP) and future (sodium-ion, solid-state) cell chemistries, considering cost and sustainability. The rapid and cost-efficient development is ensured at all system levels, from single cells to complete battery systems.

What can this technology do that others can't?

The rapid and cost-efficient development yields competitive advantages for the customer by considering future cell chemistries already today and enables the development of state-of-the-art system control algorithms tailored to the chosen chemistry as well as minimized environmental impact of the product and optimized system costs.

In which fields can the method be applied?

The scope of application ranges from conceptualization to series development, and from single cells to complete battery systems. And this applies to all types of mobile and stationary applications.


Do you have any further questions?

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