Diversity Day 2022 at IAV

Celebrating Diversity

08.06.2022  — 

We celebrated our Diversity Day on 30 and 31 May 2022 in our Berlin Digital Lab. Over 50 participants engaged in an open and critical discussion on the topic of diversity at IAV. One thing is certain for us: We are committed to fair opportunities for everyone, regardless of their names, skin color, and other individual characteristics. We see diversity & inclusion as a substantial gain, which we want to expand on. Because with our employees’ diverse perspectives and approaches, our tech solutions can only get better in the future.

At the start of the event on Monday evening, our CFO Katja Ziegler related her experiences as an executive and shared her thoughts on work life balance for mothers and fathers.

There was time for the participants from the locations in the north, east, south and west of Germany to arrive and get to know each other over plenty of pizza and soft drinks.

On Tuesday, there was a colorful program, including a presentation by Rea Eldem, Founder and CEO of in-visible. She emphasized how important it is to address equal opportunity at your own company. “Just because you yourself don’t witness or aren’t affected by disadvantages it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.” We received plenty of input and inspiration on the various dimensions of diversity at the Diversity Marketplace. We uncovered and reflected on our own biases during workshops and talked about an inclusive work culture. After we dedicated some time to the “Idea Factory” for a more diverse and inclusive workplace, we rounded off our lively day with representatives from tech, human resources, and the employee council.

Everyone should be given the chance to develop and to be as they like. Nobody should be discriminated against or treated differently, for example because of their age, origin, or sexual orientation. Diversity is acknowledging that everyone is an individual and is different.

Tanja Schneider — Chairwoman of Group Works Council

It’s about engaging with people on equal terms and not looking down at them. Showing them they’re no different than you.

André Kujath — Technical Consultant

It’s about creating an atmosphere where everyone can express their perspectives and be equally valued.

Jürgen Müller — Executive Vice President Software Systems & Connectivity

We want to advocate for all dimensions of diversity. However, we realize that our employees are especially concerned about opportunities for full-time and part-time parents as well as opportunities for women. We’re on it! For example, with new job sharing models. One of many great outcomes: our Diversity & Equal Opportunity Network has added several great and dedicated members!

There is plenty of sensitivity and additional training for IAV employees, not only with our own educational offers but also with Employers for Equality. As a member, we benefit from a practical program for sensitivity and advanced training for employees and managers. The focus of this cooperation is applicable ideas and the exchange of experiences. As a Charta der Vielfalt signatory, we are one of 4500 companies and institutions dedicated to an appreciative and unbiased work environment. The Charta represents 14.6 employees in Germany – and we are delighted that we are part of this group with our 7600 colleagues.