IAV charged up

An Introduction from Team E-Mobility

27.09.2021  — 

E-mobility is new? That’s true for many. For us, this topic is almost “old news”, albeit still exciting. For more than 20 years, we on Team E-Mobility have been concerned with electric and hybrid drives. However, we have long since set our sights beyond just drives and more on the whole “e-mobility” system: from e-motors to entirely electric drive units, batteries, and battery management systems to charging infrastructure and its connection to the energy grid.

For our projects, we use a number of self-developed tools and a broad range of testing facilities – like our crash test facility in southern Germany and our workshops with high-voltage components.

What happens on team e-mobility

Our team is directly linked to the “power source” since we are the ones defining the future of high-voltage systems for passenger and commercial vehicles. We pay particularly close attention to the following focus areas in the process:

  • Legal compliance: Is it as it should be?
  • Security: Does it function the way it should?
  • User-friendliness: Is it easy to operate?
  • Cost-optimization: How expensive is development?
  • Reliability: How sustainable is development?

Once the high-voltage system is defined, it goes to development. Then we functionally integrate it into everything with wheels. In the process, functions that can be experienced by consumers are developed and safeguarded. Two or three times for good measure.  We also safeguard the safety features that ensure high-voltage systems are secure for users and workshops.

Independent engineers, happy customers

Timecard stamping, endless bureaucracy, and a hierarchical structure? Our recipe is quite different. We assume responsibility for our issues. We give ideas space and work independently. This ultimately adds up to considerable relief and satisfaction, not only for our customers but also for us.

On our team, we all pull together on one power cable. We master all issues and daily challenges together. Despite our demanding tasks, we know how to laugh. Our friendly interactions even extend beyond work, and we get along well.

Who is a good fit for us

Colleagues who are just as fascinated by the world of electric vehicles as we are will fit right in. As will those who really want to get involved in this topic. Two things are extremely important. First, thinking outside the box. And second, being in a highly dynamic and tense environment should not be a deterrent.