Driving e-mobility forward: IAV expands test bench solutions for e-cars

07.03.2022  — 

The increasingly broad range of electric car models requires more testing tasks. To meet this demand, IAV is expanding the range of its high-voltage (HV) testing infrastructure and offers new and additional test benches to customers at its Chemnitz/Stollberg development center.

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“Our basic orientation is clear: We are investing in electric mobility and are strengthening our testing capacities for electric cars,” says Sven Hönicke, Head of Test Center Chemnitz/Stollberg at IAV.

Due to increasing customer demand, the Berlin-based tech solution provider is expanding its range of HV pre-integration workstations (VIP) in Stollberg and at other German locations. So-called VIPs are required, for example, for backups and releases of software data versions.

“All components as well as the entire vehicle can be tested under almost road-realistic conditions on pre-integration workstations,” says Hönicke. “Our customers are increasingly relying on this (Road-to-Rig) approach.”

New to IAV’s range, however, is a high-speed test bench, which reflects the drive by vehicle manufacturers for more speed for electric cars. It generates up to 23,000 revolutions per minute at a maximum output of 570 kW and can be operated individually or in conjunction with a test bench for electric axles.

“We want to offer a wide range of services in the testing of various electric drives,” says Hönicke.

What is also new is a test bench for plug-in hybrids (PHEV) with four brakes and battery air-conditioning containers where a complete PHEV drive train can be tested. This all-wheel-drive test bench follows the BEV high-voltage composite test bench, which was commissioned in 2020 and tests HV components individually and in the system network during early stages of development.

As the expansion of the Stollberg Test Center is increasingly reaching capacity limits, IAV is designing new test benches in container design according to the “test bench in the box” principle. The systems can be assembled and disassembled in a modular manner, can be rented by customers and be put into operation on site within a short period of time.

The concept for container test benches, which are configured according to test requirements of vehicle manufacturers, is now available for sale by IAV.