Working at IAV

Things are changing!

14.01.2022  — 

We are realigning as a company. We are building on a strong, nearly 40-year track record of success and are sparking the next stage of development.


As a Tech Solution Provider we want to help actively shape the mobility of tomorrow and to significantly expand our activities in areas such as robotics, agriculture, and energy and water management. We’re becoming more adaptable and our development methods are becoming increasingly automated and digitalized. That will make it possible for our engineers and developers to focus on what we’re all passionate about – looking for and realizing creative, innovative solutions.

Visible & noticeable in the new appearance

The realignment of our company will also be visible and tangible in our new corporate design in 2022, with a new logo and a whole range of color gradients in blue and pink.

In our communication as an employer, we are now not only using the new logo but also relying on a fresh light blue, combined with lettering and elements of purple and pink. We add to this our black and white pattern: Because we’re just like our dazzlingly disguised prototypes, concealing groundbreaking innovations. This kind of camouflage against overly curious eyes is typical in automotive development, which we as a company have evolved with. And breakthroughs are typical for IAV! Because all our developments, for whatever industry they may be, involve technological innovations for tomorrow and beyond.