How our colleagues combine theory and practice

Fostering tech talent in the university network

19.04.2023  — 

IAV emerged from Technische Universität Berlin as a spin-off in 1983. Our colleagues maintain their networks as alumni, stay in touch with their universities and are often active as lecturers or even professors themselves. This has been a natural part of our DNA as a tech company for 40 years.

Whether at the universities themselves or with the students who work at IAV, who are writing their theses or doing an internship – exchanging ideas with young talent, sharing knowledge and thinking about and testing new approaches together has always been close to our hearts.

Recently, we asked at an internal management conference where exactly our IAV experts are active in promoting young talent and teaching. The results amazed us!

We have before us a widespread and diversified university network throughout Germany. Thanks to this network and the ongoing commitment of our employees, we remain in dialog. We impart expert knowledge to the tech-colleagues of tomorrow and incorporate plenty of cutting-edge practice into modern-day research.