From Cameroon to Heimsheim – an engineer with a recent doctorate starts at IAV

10.06.2022  — 

At 16 he traveled to Germany to the TU Kaiserslautern, at 20 he had his master’s degree in mechanical engineering, in February 2022, at 23 years, he already had his doctorate in his pocket. Now, Dr.-Ing. Jean Oscard Domguia Teto is starting at IAV in Heimsheim.

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TU Kaiserslautern/Koziel

One thing is for sure: At the age of 23, only a few are already as far as Domguia Teto. While many at this age are thinking about a possible change of course of study, postponing a voluntary social year or working abroad, he has already defended his own doctoral thesis.

Domguia Teto has also traveled from Cameroon to Rhineland-Palatinate. Over the past three years he has written his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Measurement and Sensor Technology at the University of Kaiserslautern, entitled “Isolation of a measurement platform for UAV applications “. In concrete terms, the aim is to reduce external interference to the measuring technology fitted to drones. This is important to stabilize drones used for filming or for video-based measurements.

From Kaiserslautern, he then continued to Baden-Württemberg in March. His new location is now the IAV location in Heimsheim. He works as a development engineer in the autonomous driving area and is dedicated to requirements management and supplier sourcing.

"I am pleased to be able to gain a foothold in the automotive industry, IAV is one of the leading engineering development partners worldwide. In addition, further training, and development training in the direction of project leadership and project management are taken into account right from the start, which appealed to me very much."

Domguia Teto — Development Engineer in the driverless driving area

He feels comfortable in his international team.

As part of the Junior Executive Program, his supervisor worked with him to develop a development plan along the complete V-Model, from the first concept phase to the development to production readiness. IAV thus offers prospective executives insights into all aspects of automotive engineering in order to prepare them ideally for their future tasks.

We wish our new colleague every success for his further development. We have good news for all those who have now got the pleasure of joining our engineering team in Heimsheim. We are still looking for reinforcement, who are eager for innovative engineering solutions. For more information click here.