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24.08.2020  — 

Anyone writing their thesis in a company hopes to be given ample time and the necessary resources, the opportunity to research tangible projects, and the chance to make a real contribution. A team that is open to questions, supportive, and informative is also a plus. And finally, the compensation should be good.

IAV offers its Bachelor and Master’s candidates all of that – like electrical engineering Master’s candidate Max Winkelmman from TU Berlin. He not only found the framework he needed, but he was also able to build on a topic his team colleague and thesis advisor had researched as a student.

In his thesis work, he realized that iterative test planning was especially well suited as a statistical method for testing the driving safety of a vehicle. The method stipulates that engineers examine a system on a rotating basis and tackle new tests with the findings obtained. Max built on this by further investigating iterative test planning and developing an automated, effective, and secure course of action with the help of the most modern AI methods.

This kind of successive and in-depth research from one team colleague to the next is especially enjoyable for those involved and leads to particularly sound results: both are deeply involved in the topic and contribute their bonafide, personal interest.

At IAV, I had the data and software tools I needed for my research. On top of that, I was able to test the practical application of my method during operations.

Max Winkelmann — electrical engineering Master at IAV

Max had already been a work-study student at IAV for a year before his thesis work, so he was already very familiar with his team “Simulation & Modeling” and its most exciting challenges. He was able to work on his thesis without distraction during his entire time as a Master’s candidate at IAV. While he was working from home during the Corona pandemic, the virtual contact with his team was seamless. Also, all the necessary tools were digitally available so that neither the quality nor processing time of his thesis suffered.

Countless theses are regularly written at IAV – on exciting topics that provide a concrete contribution for real technical challenges.

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