Happy Birthday, BMW! Here’s to many more years together!

14.03.2016 // BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary – and IAV is celebrating more than 20 years’ of cooperation with the car manufacturer from Bavaria.

The first project started in 1992 and, as early as 1996, IAV was responsible for individual scopes for the calibration of four-cylinder engines from Munich. It was in 2002 that IAV was awarded a contract that has provided us with no end of positive feedback over many years: the development of the PRINCE engine family – receiving the “Engine of the Year” award in its category time and again.

We have assisted BMW with the future-oriented issues of hybridization and electrification from the outset – firstly in a joint project with Daimler and GM in the USA (developing a hybrid powertrain), then in the volume production development of the Group vehicles with the innovative drive concept. Today we can say that IAV has been involved in every hybrid and e-vehicle that BMW has put into volume production.

But that’s not all of it, as BMW has come to rely on our expertise in driver assistance systems, electronics and cockpits. A total of about 400 IAV employees are now working for the Bavarian car manufacturer at various locations, some of them near its sites. We have also become closer to BMW: following the move to Domagkstraße, IAV has been working on development projects on the doorstep of the BMW Academy and our BMW colleagues who focus on electrification.

IAV and BMW: it is a successful collaboration we intend to continue. There is enough to work on: BMW is a pioneer in the digitization of the car – so is IAV. BMW is busy with Big Data – so is IAV. And we have strong partners in the IT sector: IAV is advancing the development together with Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, and has already connected a BMWi3 with the Internet of Things. Our common aim is to feature among the drivers of innovation in trends like automated driving and the Internet of Things.

That is what we have done very successfully in the last 20-plus years. And we intend to continue doing so in the next 100 years. So: many happy returns, BMW!