IAV at the 30th Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility

04.10.2021  — 

Berlin. The demands for a safe, efficient and sustainable mobility of the future are increasing, the automotive industry is facing a new era. As one of the leading engineering partners, IAV offers future solutions for the relevant technology fields. With numerous experts from research and industry, the “Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility” (4-6 October, 2021) is setting the right framework for technical innovations and stimulating discourse.

IAV presents itself at Aachen with four groundbreaking exhibits, which primarily demonstrate the technology expertise of the Berlin-based engineering specialist in the field of drive train development.

With its LEAN fuel cell drive train, IAV offers an innovative powertrain for the use of fuel cells in passenger cars. A small fuel cell with 40 kW power is combined with a more powerful battery with 22 kWh. This approach significantly simplifies the application and significantly reduces the dynamic load on the fuel cell, which considerably extends the life of the fuel cell.

The modular E-Kit developed by IAV enables battery-electric drives to be adapted to each passenger car segment in a fleet-optimized way. The systematic combination of scalable and modular systems, such as battery and electric machine, enables a large variety of variants to be displayed for all vehicle segments and their drive topologies. The platform covers a power spectrum of 100 to 440 kW, battery capacities of 27 to 115 kWh and voltage ranges of 400 and 800 volts.

A demonstration in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) shows the possibilities of raising efficiency in development through AI. Visitors to the IAV booth (booth number 14, ground floor) can test their ability to be more efficient than the IAV process in the playful application “Can you beat the AI?”

The highlight of the exhibition booth is the Volkswagen rear-axle drive of the modular E-drive assembly (MEB Base+), which was developed in cooperation with IAV. The permanently excited synchronous machine (PSM) has a 1-speed transmission arranged parallel to the axle. The power is 150 kW with a maximum torque of 310 Nm. The exhibit represents numerous other solutions that IAV has contributed to the cross-brand use of the Volkswagen MEB. IAV intends to further expand this success as a partner for the development of future-oriented drive systems on the way to CO2-neutral mobility.

About IAV

With more than 8,000 employees, IAV is one of the world’s leading engineering partners to the automotive industry. The company has been developing innovative concepts and technologies for future vehicles for more than 35 years and generated sales of around EUR 896 million in 2020. Its customers include all major automobile manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Alongside vehicle and drivetrain development, IAV entered the field of electromobility and autonomous driving at an early stage and is now one of the leading development service providers in these fields. Alongside its development centers in Berlin, Gifhorn and Chemnitz/Stollberg, IAV has further locations in Munich, Sindelfingen and Ingolstadt, among others, as well as in Europe, Asia and North and South America.