IAV Development Tools: Expertise Built In From 35 Years of Automotive Development

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Berlin. It is under the “Product by IAV – Customized Solutions for You” banner that automotive developer IAV is showcasing a number of its most successful development tools and test facilities at Automotive Testing Expo (June 5 to 7, 2017 in Stuttgart, hall 10, booth 1740). Benefiting from its broad range of hardware and software products in conjunction with its modern test facilities, IAV always finds the perfect system to meet its clients’ needs.

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No two projects are alike, and this is why every client needs a customized combination of service modules. This is precisely the message given by the “Customized Solutions for You” expo slogan: “IAV caters to the specific needs of its client with a customized approach made up of engineering, consulting, testing, services as well as product aspects covered by systems and components, vehicle conversions and development tools”, says Utz-Jens Beister, Head of Product Solutions at IAV.

At Automotive Testing Expo, IAV is showing its most successful development tools and test facilities. “Our development tools are packed with 35 years of experience and the knowledge of some 7,000 first-class development engineers”, Beister adds. The expo’s booth concept reflects the sheer diversity of IAV’s portfolio: three theme-focused centers are devoted to hardware products, software products and IAV test facilities.

IAV Xingu: scalable intelligent dataset and version management

Featured among the exhibits on the software front is IAV’s Xingu tool. Today’s calibration engineers are required to calibrate between 30,000 and 50,000 parameters in an engine control unit. For a transmission, the figure can even rise to between 80,000 and 100,000. This makes it all the more important to provide a scalable, intelligent dataset and version management system of the type offered by IAV Xingu. This lets users define the persons responsible; it prevents parameter values from being overwritten accidentally, delivers a history and manages the various model versions along with their own specific history.

IAV Xingu lets calibrators compare their work with calibration guidelines, detect correlations and, for example, identify potential conflicts with OBD legislation.

IAV Primero: user-configurable lambda probe error patterns

Among other exhibits, the booth’s hardware showcase places a spotlight on IAV Primero. Now in its third generation, this development tool makes it very easy for developers to influence the complex processing of lambda probe signals in the development process and to simulate user-configurable error patterns to the engine control system, such as probe aging effects. IAV Primero can thus assist the vehicle manufacturer in developing, testing and validating the monitoring of emission-relevant functions related to the lambda probe now required by the legislator without involving major effort in real-world driving. Signal distortion necessary for this purpose takes place at vehicle level without intervening in any of the engine control system’s algorithms. As such, the effectiveness of on-board diagnostics can be verified in its unchanged volume production state and demonstrated in the context of vehicle homologation.

The third generation of this time-tested tool supports new lambda probes, such as the Bosch LSU 5.2, NTK ZFAS-U3 and OZAS-S4 already familiar from Bosch or Continental control units, as well as the new control unit/probe combinations, including the 10JA und 11GV control unit series from Magneti Marelli in combination with linear and binary sensors.

Knowledge from over three decades of automotive development

“Our products accompany developers through projects of whichever size”, Utz-Jens Beister says. “No matter how large a development project may be: anyone using IAV tools is no further than a click away from knowledge gathered from over three decades of automotive engineering.”
Find further details of IAV’s expo booth at

Find further details of IAV’s expo booth at Automotive Testing Expo Europe – IAV Automotive Engineering.

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