IAV Expertise in Autonomous Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car

13.12.2017  — 

Berlin. IAV is assisting Renault on the path towards autonomous driving. The French manufacturer’s Renault SYMBIOZ demo car vehicle is using the experience and expertise of its Berlin-based engineering partner to illustrate the new technology’s potential. A host of sensors as well as intelligent algorithms permit highly automated driving to SAE Level 4.

Renault SYMBIOZ demo car is packed with almost everything tomorrow’s automobiles have to offer in the way of new technologies: electric drive system, link with the user’s personal digital eco-system, cutting-edge entertainment, including virtual reality, and an interior that adapts to any particular driving situation. Paramount, however, is its ability to arrive at the destination without any action on the part of the driver – in compliance with SAE Level 4 (also known as “mind off”), which means as much as “highly automated” and makes any human intervention practically superfluous. This demands the use of radar and LIDAR sensors as well as numerous cameras that capture the surrounding traffic situation.

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Yet the path from values measured by sensors to autonomous driving is long and challenging. This is where IAV comes in: “IAV is a leading expert in highly automated and autonomous driving”, says Michael Sachse, Project Manager IAV Automated Driving Functions. “We share a vision of what autonomous driving means and want to revolutionize mobility in the interest of consumers.” Cooperating with Renault, IAV developed the architecture and system for Level 4 that is now being used in Renault SYMBIOZ demo car. IAV’s expertise provided the basis for developing scenarios, like valet parking and driving through a tollgate in autonomous driving mode without stopping, as well as solutions for potential problems, such as sensor failure or a driver’s inability in regaining control of the car.

“Strong partnerships are essential in autonomous driving”, Mathieu Lips, Project Director Renault SYMBIOZ Demo car says. “Hand in hand with Groupe Renault, we are discovering new development paths and methods for autonomous and automated vehicles,” adds Udo Wehner, Executive Vice President at IAV for Vehicle Integrated Functions: “This is an area we’ve been working on for almost 20 years. Cooperation with Renault shows that IAV is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading development partners in autonomous vehicles. We look forward to continuing our work together.”

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