Statista and Capital study

IAV is among Germany’s most innovative companies

19.03.2021  — 

The Corona pandemic and the resulting flexibility of workplaces and working hours are currently giving digitalization a strong boost. All told, experts are convinced that the pandemic has inspired the innovative capacity of companies.

The market research institute Statista and Capital magazine took the opportunity to nominate Germany’s most innovative companies. To this end, over 3200 managers experienced in their fields cast their votes and assessed the innovation sectors where companies especially excelled: products, services, processes, corporate culture. The preliminary results were conveyed using a 5-star scheme.

IAV is pleased to be listed with a 4-star ranking in the category “Automobile & Commercial Vehicle Supplier”. We know how important mobility is for our society and that it will have to perform even more in the future. Be it autonomous vehicles, electric drives, or software solutions for energy transition – our innovations work towards sustainably strengthening the mobility sector for our society.

Become a part of Team Erlkönig and shape the mobility of tomorrow with us.

Here’s a link to the Capital article and the study