IAV opens a test center in Heimsheim

06.05.2022  — 

After only one year of construction, IAV has officially opened the new test center for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in Heimsheim, near Stuttgart. In addition to customers from the region and partners from the industry, Berthold Frieß, Ministerial Director at the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg, also attendet the ceremony. In Heimsheim, IAV now covers the complete range of the required EMC measurements - all under one roof.

E-mobility, vehicle networking and increasingly powerful assistance systems on the way to autonomous driving: the number of electronic components in vehicles is growing rapidly, and with it the need for test capacities to check electromagnetic compatibility. The Tech Solution Provider IAV has anticipated this development by building its own EMC test center.

On site, complete vehicles or components, such as electric axles or hybrid transmissions, are analyzed using the most modern testing technology on two test benches located in different halls. The tests provide information on whether the individual components in the vehicle will continue to work even if they come into contact with an electromagnetic field from outside (interference immunity). In addition, checks are carried out to determine whether their own emission of electromagnetic signals poses a problem for other integrated components.

At the opening ceremony, IAV CEO Matthias Kratzsch gave an outlook on the Berlin-based company’s further plans:


"IAV CEO Matthias Kratzsch gave an outlook on the Berlin-based company's further plans: "Heimsheim is becoming an important center for IAV. In addition to the EMC hall, further test facilities and Workshops are being built here, as well as an office and training building with 370 workplaces. The additional building complex will be completed by spring 2023 - a commitment to the region and to our role as a strong partner and service provider for our customers, and as an attractive employer."

Matthias Kratzsch — CEO of IAV

Following the opening ceremony, the attendees had the opportunity to take a close look at the plant and its test benches. IAV engineers provided information on technical details and test procedures in group tours.

One highlight of the event was a Formula Student racing car. The electrically powered racing car was enthroned on the 360-degree rotating test bench, which in future will mainly be used to scrutinize normal road vehicles.


"At this place, what belongs together comes together. Namely, the important automobile manufacturers in our federal state "The Länd" and, on the other hand, IAV with its modern test centre, which stands for the further development of automotive technology."

Berthold Frieß — Ministerial Director in the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg

  • Special eye-catcher: A Formula Student racing car on the brand-new EMC test bench.
  • IAV's new EMC test centre in Heimsheim.
  • (from left to right) Dr. Uwe Reinhardt, Head of Vehicle Systems & Electronics at IAV, Matthias Kratzsch, IAV CEO, Berthold Frieß, Ministerial Director at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport and Dr. Uwe Horn, CHRO at IAV, opened the new EMC test centre.